Week3 k5

Hi everyone,

I am excited to tell now I have finished my 3rd week of k5 though after my long break due to knee pain.I was just avoiding otherwise was fine after few days of doing knee exercises.

Week 3 of k5 ,I felt much easier and short.Anybody else feeling same? I was in the feeling don't want to stop and keep going and I did some extra running then finished with a thinking that it's a training programme I should follow it.

I am feeling quite good after my yesterday run no pain or strains. People say a day of rest in running but I just want to run today is that OK? Any suggestions?

If I run with intervals in total for 40 minutes and I am not exhausted so can I carry on or follow the plan as it is.

Feeling really happy for starting week 4 of k5 running its making me lover of running which I was only in childhood .

Thanks everyone for reading maybe you felt bored while reading not a good writer like morless.



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14 Replies

  • Hi Awan,

    I enjoyed reading your post - and I'm really glad you felt quite good after running yesterday, and that you've not got any further pain or strains, that is great!!! :-)

    I don't feel confident to suggest whether you should run today or not - I would say, see how you feel, and act accordingly.

    Enjoy your next run, whenever that is. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks lowcal,

    For your appreciation. Do you run everyday or on alternative days.Are you doing k5 now not not.

  • Hi Awan,

    I ran yesterday, and I think my next run till be tomorrow - and then another one over the weekend, as I am aiming for 3 runs this week. I don't tend to run on consecutive days, but I do regular walks, most days.

    I tend to run approx 5km per run, and I never really followed the C25K properly, as I didn't use the podcasts, I just gradually started running till I could run 5km regularly, and I enjoy that now. I always like to report my runs in the Tortoise and Hare Running Challenge post, that moreless posts each week - it's really fun to join in with that, and read about everyone's runs, so maybe join us in there to report on your runs. You'd be very welcome.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yes I love reading these posts and was joining before my problem. But now I am joining again as I am back to running.


  • Hi Awan, why are you not writing about your runs on the Tortoise and Hare thread? ;)

    Your writing is just perfect and it certainly does not bore me! :)

    There are some people that run every day, but I would always err on the side of caution. You've already had a sore knee and I'd hate to think of you hurting yourself again. My advice, for what it's worth, because I'm far from being an expert, is stick to the plan, ie run on alternate days. That will give your muscles and joints time to recover fully, before running again.

    There's no rush, you have the rest of your life to enjoy running, why let impatience put that in jeopardy? :)

    I shall link this thread to the running challenge thread and hope that you'll share your future runs with us :)

    Happy and safe running! :)

  • Oh no I will write in hare and tortoise thread next time.

    Thanks if you like my writing. I will stick to the plan no more hurry or impatience now can't afford it .You are right it's better for me.

    Thank you moreless.

    You always gives me advice on the right time., are really a great saver.


  • I shall look forward to reading all your updates Awan and am glad that you won't be impatient and will take care of yourself :)

  • Hi Awan, glad to hear you ran without pain and enjoyed it. This week I'm running also the week3 podcast for warm-up, and then the C25K+ Speed podcast.

    When I was doing C25K for the first time, I ran 5 times a week on some weeks, but I had never had any knee or other problems, and I had built up some strength in my legs before starting by hiking a lot. I wouldn't say what to do, it's so individual.

    Have a nice day !

  • Wao tidi!

    That mean you are doing great!

    Warm up at what speed and k5+ speed .I mean how fast and how long you go? As I am feeling the time for running is short for me good idea you are trying both together.

    Had you completed your k5 first time on the normal plan?

    Feeling happy that we are on the same week though you are here for 2nd time.

    Happy running.

  • First podcast from C25K series I take very easy, just a light slow jog and walk. Then I try to push myself to run as fast as I can during intervals in the Speed podcast (happy there are only 6 intervals). I have noticed that I can climb up stairs more easily now -I live on the 11th floor.

    I believe Moreless is right -rather have days in between runs, as you have had a knee issue.

    I also haven't posted in the Tortoise and Hare, because I'm unable to write in an interesting or beautiful way, and I don't want to bore people.

  • That's really good . I am doing at easy pace not going fast better for me as I don't want any problem any more. I also avoid writing because of same reason I do my running on treadmill not outside as going outside for running not really for me .

    You understand!

    Having scarf on head and running oh no I don't like it.

    I will carry on the normal plan thanks for your advice.

    Have lovely week.

  • I think you're missing out a bit, if you don't try running outside in beautiful nature! Perhaps it would be possible to wear a very thin scarf, or only cover partially? I don't wear a scarf, as I'm not in that kind of religions. I really like "flying" on a boulevard near flower bushes 🌞

  • Oh , but I often go for a walk outside not only religious reasons but my own liking is to run on treadmill maybe in future but not sure.

    However you enjoy your running while enjoying nature. And do write in Hare and tortoise thread you are not gonna bore anyone.

  • Tidi, that's not true! You would never bore us and we'd love to have you write about your runs on the Tortoise and Hare thread! :)

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