Start of a new journey - day 9

Hi everyone, hope you're all okay today.

I've had some good news, hopefully I will be able to go back to work next week :-) so I have have been meal planning today so that I keep up the hard work and carry on losing weight! I've been reading up about making your own freezer meals which seem like a good idea, my son and I always plan what we're going to eat for the eat as I have to shop on a very tight budget. I find it always helps to know what I'm going to have for dinner and then I can plan breakfast and lunch around it. I think MFP must think I'm strange as I always log my dinner first thing in the morning lol.

So have any of you got any recipes or ideas for healthy freezer meals on a budget please? I have found a few I would like to try but its seems that if you are trying to diet or eat healthy every recipe has curry powder, chilli or spices added to it and I can't eat any of those :-(

Take care all x


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5 Replies

  • I don't have any freezer meals but I do a lot of slow cooker meals and find loads of recipes on pinterest. Might be worth having a look there :)

  • Thanks Geekydee, I have briefly looked on there, will go into more depth on it later x

  • whenever I do bolognese sauce I always make double and then you can freeze it and it makes a really quick meal the 2nd time around.

  • My favorite stand-by freezer meals are lasagne, moussaka, and shepherds pie, I always cook enough for 6 portions in a large shallow dish, eat one portion and freeze five individually wrapped portions. If you calorie count the ingredients as you cook and divide by number of portions you have hassle free calorie counted ready meals (you are not the only one who logs dinner first, I like to know what I can eat during the day and still have a nice meal to look forward to at night). Marian

  • I batch cook tomato sauce with extra veggies in it, and can use this on rice or pasta or over chicken or fish 😊

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