Where is "there" for you?

So here I am almost 6 weeks into the 12 week plan and lost 17lbs. Am very happy that 2 of those 6 weeks were spent plagued by my PCOS hormonal flare up. It's shown me that dispite these episodes overall I am losing. I can get there and I can't wait to see where "there" is, what about you guys? I have been obese since childhood, from growth hormone problems as a small child to problems associated with PCOS in my teens. I was a stone for my years every year until I was 23. I don't know what my adult self will even look like as I get further along this road. My lowest adult weight was 19st 7lbs so I'm 2 stone away from that. I am excited to see what my weight will be when I find that balance of happy and healthy. Who's with me?!?! ❤👍


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8 Replies

  • wow well done, that's great going, i will take my inspiration from you, keep me posted. it will keep me going. kindest regards

  • For me "there" is finally finding an eating plan I can follow for life, for getting back on plan after holiday/ Christmas etc, for finally daring to believe I am in control 😊 yes, I have bad days, who doesn't? But feeling confident that I can get back the control, can come on here and guarantee support and understanding is a massive part of it 😊

  • Fantastic stuff x

  • really well done! Being 'there' for me is always choosing healthy food, feeling good and being happy in my own skin.

  • Wow, congrats on your loss so far! That's amazing :)

    For me, I was always the bigger girl in the group and I always ate when comfortable so when in a relationship the weight would just pile on. Then we found out that I have hypothyroidism and unexplained infertility which they think is mainly due to weight (I have a test tomorrow to check my tubes eeek!) so I'm on a push to lose weight so that I can try for another kiddy but I also want to do it so that I can be healthy and feel happy in my own skin.

    I have no idea what my lowest adult weight is as I used to avoid scales like the plague but I know that I was a size 14 when I met my hubby when I was 20 - I'd love to get back to that kind of size :) I looked up my bmi and decided to go for the mid range of healthy weight giving me 100lbs to lose in total and I'm insanely excited to see what that looks like at the end but I'm also determined to learn about how to eat properly and healthily so that I don't ever have to create one of those initial "Hi, my name is Deb and I have ##lbs to lose" posts again.

    Good luck to us all :)

  • Well done Crimson, that's brilliant, and very heartening that even your condition doesn't stop you from losing weight.

    'There' for me will be when I am at least in size 18 clothing, and can easily bend down to tie my shoe laces or pick things up from the floor without having to accommodate a sizeable spare tyre around my middle, that just gets in the way. That'll do me for starters! To be a size 16......? Do I dare to dream?!!!!

  • Yes you do Ruby8 😊 You can do this 😊

  • CONGRAULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are doing so well the weight seems to be falling of you i wish it is that easy for me the reason is there is only certain things i can eat i am very limited to i am allowed so losing weight is harder but i have'nt given up have yet i will keep fighting the fat i know i will get there i am determined,you inspire me so with your a support and your good news it helps. FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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