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When the chocolate monster attacks


So for approximately 2 days in every 28 the chocolate monster comes to visit. This time I had a plan:

Alpro chocolate almond milk (250ml) & Alpro dark chocolate dessert. 236 calories for the 2 - less than a standard chocolate bar, felt naughty and really hit the spot.

Normally I'll flit between chocolate biscuits, chocolate bars and chocolate spread until my hard work was undone. Today I felt in control and able to tame the chocolate monster. So long until October!!!

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Wow, I'm impressed - you have definitely sorted out the choccie monster :D

I'm so pleased that planning really worked for you. I daren't have any chocolate in the house or I'd eat it. I did try once and bought a really large bar of Cadburys with the thought that I would have one square per night. I ate the whole bar the first night 😞

I know that Zest manages to have a square of her favourite chocolate each night, and totally admire her willpower, mine leaves the house when chocolate arrives! 🍫

Mouse 🐭

Well done I'm an Alpro fan but I've never seen a chocolate flavour, my chocolate monster comes out just before the corner shop closes at 10pm once a week .... I'd have a bar on the way home one watching tv and another once I was alone 3 for £1 was not doing me any favours.

Now it's chocolate optifast and that hits the spot 😜

nac1502 stone

I found the Alpro chocolate milk too and it has really helped deal with the sweet cravings. 47 calls p 100ml.


Well done SportyGirl75 for finding your weakness and tackling it head on ... that half the Battle 😀

Another tip ... quark mixed with options low fat / sugar hot chocolate powder. Tastes just like chocolate moose 👍

Claire x

I'm also a chocoholic and long ago realised that its almost impossible for me to give up totally. So I don't buy it, or biscuits unless the craving is overwhelming and so I can go for a month or two (even three when I'm really good) without buying any.

I love all things chocolate but the only thing that really hits the spot is a bar, its the texture and the crisp crack (love mine from the fridge) when you bite into it. My only other "chocolate vice" is Nutella but ...... I bought the biggest jar I could on offer in Morrisons just before last Christmas, its still sitting on my kitchen work surface unopened! That to me is my nemisis and I know that if I open it, all is lost and I would be dipping in with a spoon and demolishing the jar. So, I'm trying really hard to be good, although this week I bought a Spanish chocolate crispy bar (big!) in Lidl's but although I had a bit yesterday, I don't need it today and there's over 3/4 left but its not in the fridge so I'm less likely to be tempted.

Its not easy to give up sweet stuff and luckily I don't like boiled sweets or that sort of stuff, just chocolate and I'm learning to tame that beast. I know only eat when I'm hungry and I listen to my body, and only eat what it tells me I need. Hopefully, my relationship with food is changing and I will eventually be able to totally take or leave chocolate, but I'm not going to worry about having the odd bit of chocolate, just make sure it is the odd bit and not a whole bar every day ;)

My tip for chocolate craving is Green and Black's mini dark chocolate bars. Pack of 12 £6, so only 50p each. 85 calories per bar. Just have one when I really feel the need for chocolate, I find dark chocolate less addictive. Also touch of luxury so I can make one pack last 2/3 weeks just having an occassional bar as a treat.


Aldi do mini bars, in what looks like a big bar, at 145cals, knowing they are portioned is fine, I love nuts and my vice is nut butter, a teasp is 33cals, trying to keep the sugar monster at bay, more cherry tomatoes tho!

DianaMaintainer in reply to Diana

Well priced too, at £1.29 for 5 mini bars

No Aldi here so have to go for the luxury ones!!!!

The Aldi mini bars are very good ! So are the lidl ones, well worth stocking up with if your passing one.

😬 think the chocolate monster ate my reply

Think the chocolate monster ate my reply again 😬

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