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Any tips for me today guys? I have just started this group and am praying its one step forward! good luck too you all doing this!

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Kayleigh,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NhS forum. I'd recommend reading our Welcome Newbie post, which is in the Pinned posts area - it's a good starting point, especially for tips and motivating suggestions from past and present members of the forum. Do join in with anything you like the look of - various Challenges, and maybe the Monday group weigh-in? That's in the Events section, below the Pinned posts.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

kayleigh13 in reply to Zest

wohoo! thanks I'm so keen too start this amazing group! thanks again.

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to kayleigh13

You're very welcome, and I like your profile photo, really nice! :-)

kayleigh13 in reply to Zest

Thank you so much!!


If I had to choose one tip ............ join in. :)

Ruby81 stone

mmmm, not sure what tip to give. Maybe to keep a food diary to map out what your eating habits are? Or find out the calories in some of your favourite foods so that you can work out how to include them in your daily calorie allowance?

Good luck to you and enjoy the forum! :-)

I'm so excited too start! thanks for your tips girls :)

Ruby81 stone in reply to kayleigh13

You're empowered now! :-)

VickyDLM2 stone

Get some kitchen scales if you don't already have them. Then weigh out everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) you eat. You can't cheat yourself and add in that bit extra that "doesn't count" when you're working to a specific amount! :)

Me, I had no idea what a portion size really was. Turns out I was eating enough for 2 (or 3). ;)

Glad you're excited and here's to seeing some results. :D


Think before you eat!! I'm I really hungry? How good is this going to taste? Do i REALLY need it? What do I want more . . . This or to be slimmer??

Good luck and very best wishes 😊


I got a smaller plate that's great for smaller portions I always plan the night before so I don't over eat and even on the day I delete items to reduce my cal but most of all your in the right place xx

kayleigh13 in reply to Hidden

thank you so much girl! and good luck! xx

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