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I'm weighing in for the first time today and hoping to keep my brain in gear as I've been putting this off for too long! I've been on steroid treatment for Polymyaliga Rheumatica for the last three years so my weight has climbed and I'm seriously unhappy about it. Having got down to 2mg Prednisolone a day I thought I'd give it a go as hopefully I should be off the meds in a couple of months. So here goes on the scales ................ OOOOh moe than I thought 226 lbs. Let's see what next week brings???

It's been very encouraging reading all the posts today - well done all!

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Hi Tony,

Well done to you too! Posting your first weigh-in post is often daunting. I'd like to wish you success with your weight loss goals. Have you read our Welcome Newbie post yet? It's worth a read, and you can find it in the Pinned post area (right-hand-side of the homepage).

If you'd like to join us in a Monday group weigh-in, you'd be very welcome, and so if you want to do that, then look for the latest thread link which is in the Events section (below the Pinned posts).

Just an option to consider, as I realise the idea of a group weigh-in isn't every person's cup of tea, but it is good fun and very supportive.

Enjoy the forum, and have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Good luck tony. Welcome to the forum!

Have you seen the pinned posts on the right hand side of the screen, you can see a newbie post which will tell you what you need to know.

Never be shy to ask questions on here, or share tips or have a moan, there is always someone along to listen and reply!

Wishing you well, I'm sure you will succeed in your goals!

Ruby8 :-)


Welcome tony_windsor You are obviously looking forward positively to losing weight. Keep reading and posting, and you will soon be on your way downwards. :)


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