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Another pound lost

My slow progress continues despite a blip while on holiday in France ( I thought I had gained 6 pounds..but it's gone!...maybe it was the 13, 800 steps we did each day )

Now 16 st 1lb, so that is 1st 9lb lost in 6 months...I'm fine about it being slow....it's a lot better for me than setting myself up for failure.

I am eating small portions, snacking on fruit, and a big reduction in carbs, which suits me as I am diabetic.

Good luck to everyone else...we all have to find our own way.

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Hi Gypsywife!

Wow, you've done a fantastic job so far. Congratulations! It's so nice when the numbers start going down, and then keep going down!

Those six pounds must have been an illusion..... ;)

I hope I can do as well when I visit France in October with a bunch of Brownies and Guides! Of course, we may be too busy chasing after the girls to eat.... :D

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Hi and well done on the loss so far👍

I too am slow but steady at the moment loosing 1-1.5lbs per week but I am told loose it slowly and it doesn't come back on so quickly.

Best wishes Bev 😊


Hi Gypsywife,

Congratulations on your progress, you're doing really well.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

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Very well done Gypsywife 😊 My weight loss is also slow and steady but very achievable and enjoyable which is the main thing 😊

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Thanks for your support....I am far less likely to give up, this way, and after a life time, I am at least finding a way to eat which is sustainable, and doesnt hopefully reset my metabolism..I read that after 3 weeks of fast dieting your metabolism may go into starvation mode....my occasional treats dont let that happen...that's my excuse! Keeping on keeping on....xx


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