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Start of a new journey - days 6 & 7

Hi everyone, hope you've had a good weekend so far.

I didn't get round to posting yesterday, not sure why?? Yesterday started with a manic ironing session so that I could actually get dressed lol, I must get into the habit of doing it more often I stead of waiting until I have nothing left to wear :-(). Then it was a trip to the opticians with my 12 year old son, who unfortunately has got to start wearing glasses. Who knew that picking some frames with him would be so exhausting!! I did manage to talk him out of the £125 pair though!!

Today we've been for a lovely walk in the sun along the seafront where there was a classic car show going on but it seemed that there were more newer cars and motorbikes than classics. Was very naughty and had an ice cream but I'm still under my calorie allowance and I've done over 13000 steps so I don't feel too guilty.

On a sad note , I don't think I can afford the gym this week, as car is having its mot tomorrow and I already know its going to fail big time!! But think of all the extra walking I will get done :-) and I'll have to a couple of my workout dvd's instead.

Have a good evening and I'll see you at the weigh-in tomorrow x

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Hi Rosie,

Your lovely walk in the sun along the seafront sounds great. Glad you enjoyed your ice-cream - and well done on doing over 13,000 steps, that's brilliant! :-)

I know you're not going to the gym this week, but like you say, you can enjoy doing your workout DVDs instead. There are also some great resources in the NHS Choices website for fitness too - so maybe have a look at some of those as well.

Good luck for the weigh-in tomorrow! Enjoy your evening.

Lowcal :-)

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Thanks Lowcal x


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