Apple Turnover?!

Apple Turnover?!

Well I tried getting my pics to upload the right way up to no avail! So here I am scrumping apples sideways. I was with my daughter and friends from our local community centre. We celebrate 'Apple Day' every September by pressing fresh apple juice. We are in a lovely local pub which has an orchard/beer garden.

I managed to get lot's of high growing apples with the ingenious equipment pictured! Great for stretching and a workout for the upper body!


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5 Replies

  • Oooh, I see you've done 2 entries, so I'll put this one in as well, so FizzyLiz can find it. Really great! :-)

  • Hurrah for the apple trees! Do the pressing of apples also contribute to cider making?

    700 bonus points for you :) :)

  • Thanks FizzyLiz. Not on this occasion, but I can tell you that freshly pressed apple juice is pretty amazing stuff! I'll post a pic of the pressing, Apple day is next Saturday!

  • Great photo 😊 Apple day sounds fab 😊 Sounds like a lovely day 😊

  • Oh I had one of them, used it for years and years but it eventually broke, wasn't sure where my mum got it from, where did you get yours? I went apple and plum picking on the weekend too- have about 6kg of plums and like 10kg of apples. Have made one batch of plum and apple chutney but that hasn't made much of a dent- going to make as many chutneys as I can before It all goes funny! Would make apple and blackberry crumble, but then my fella wouldn't eat it (he doesn't really have a sweet tooth) and i'd end up eating it all myself, which wont be good for the scales now will it!

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