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Starting out


I've found the 12 week plan & this community so am hoping to make the most of it & the support to finally lose weight for good.

I've long convinced myself that I wasn't 'that overweight' but am now realising that isn't the case & that if I want to conceive in the near future that losing weight is only going to help. Hopefully I can make this stick!

Have downloaded week 1 & will spend time tomorrow planning meals & exercise for the week ahead.

Looking forward to getting to know people 😃

Gill x

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Hi magicgill :)

Welcome to the forum and good luck. This is a very good place to be if you wish to lose weight or just get healthier. :)

Sazkia x


Well I am glad that you found this lovely forum. Have a look at the welcome newbies pinned post and just have a good read of the motivating posts. Join any of the challenges and the Monday weigh ins. Someone is always around to help you out if you need it. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Xx


Hi Gill,

Welcome! Great to hear you're joining us, and that you've already downloaded Week 1 of the NHS 12 week plan. Pre-planning is definitely a great idea - so enjoy planning your meals and exercise. We have a great Recipe collation post in the Pinned posts, and also some in the Topics area, which are worth a look, if you're looking for some ideas etc.

Have a great weekend.

Lowcal :-)


Hello! :-) Welcome to the forum, it's a great place to get support and help. Good luck with your weight loss/healthy eating journey and look forward to seeing you around!


Ive just found this 12 week plan. Im determined not to go up a size. Im scared of failing :-/

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Hi! One of my three main reasons for losing weight is for us to be able to try for another baby - I struggle with infertility issues and am going through the testing process again to see if they can find a cause but my weight is a massive part of it.

I'm only on my second week here but I'm finding that it's a great place to be!

Good luck to you :)

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