Strength September Last 3 week push!!

Strength September Last 3 week push!!

3 week countdown before (my extended) strength September finishes!!

Making a big push!

I've done 3 days in a row with strength exercises since Monday (yesterday was rest day as I needed an aid to sit down on the loo from all the squats!) Already managed 30 squats and 15 wall press-ups before work this morning too.

I've now made a big push for a tone up for the remaining 3 weeks, 2 different circuits on alternate days. Even thinking about re starting my running again prematurely, just for mile jogs at my own pace and time. Also including swimming 2ce a week as well.


(pic are the 2 circuits to complete)

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  • That's a serious circuit! I'm still doing my 10s of something here and there. It feels easy to repeat sessions of 10 squats at different points during the day and then apart from that I'm on a rotation of tricep dips, leg lifts and pressups. I'm impressed with all those swimming lengths you must be a strong swimmer 🏊 I bet there will definitely be some impressive inch loss to report soon :)

  • I have a surprising amount of stamina for swimming, I usually do 2 lengths average pace and 1 length fast, like interval and break for a couple of minutes half way (25 lengths, not half in the pool ahah). But get me running and stuff on dry land I'm done within 2 seconds.

    It's taken me 30+ squats a day for 3 days in a row to feel sore, surprisingly. But I'm more than willing to add another strength rest day in the week (to make it 2) if needs be. Or replace my kettle bell with something lighter like bean cans.

    I really do hope so, if I want results, I need to actually put effort in and not complain :S

  • But it needs to be sustainable. I'm coping okay with my strength this time around but in the past I've suffered from overdoing things, so rest days and listening to your body are important parts of it too.

    What's your history with running, did you run in the past or have you done couch to 5k? I can't swim at all by the way but the way you describe it makes it sound almost appealing! :D

  • Agreed, I may end up having to remove one of the arm routines to bring it down to 2, my arms are like limp noodles in comparison to my legs (they gotta be strong holding me up ha) and I get a bit prissy about arm aches ha.

    I did start running at the beginning of the year, I'd be dead by less than 1/4 of a mile. I'd been doing it for a few months and just managed to get to 1 mile non-stop, but then I had to stop because of leg issues. I did try to do the couch to 5k, but that was towards the end when my legs were really bad, so I didn't even get 1 session in, it also annoyed me having the woman in my ear ha.

    I do want to get back in to it. I absolutely loved it and lost a lot of weight doing it before too - that was without changing my eating. Waiting on my consult, then hopefully op, then I'll be right back in to it fully hopefully. Just going to be gentle jogging/running till then.

    Interval makes it much more interesting for me, compared to just keep going up and down. I find switching up strokes makes it more interesting (slightly) too.

  • Intervals are also meant to be good for building stamina, as well as potentially burning more cals. It sounds like your experience with running hasn't been great so far. But hopefully that'll improve when you get to the bottom of your leg problems. In the meantime sounds like you're successfully increasing fitness in other ways. Wishing you lots of luck and keep going :)

  • Hi Fit-ishPlum

    Wow, this is great!!!! Well done!!! You're doing an interesting and varied range of Strength exercises. Lovely circuits! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • I shall be dedicated! With 1/2 rest days. I'm adamant I will complete all the days! And hope to report inch loss at the end and on Monday weigh ins!

  • I feel tired just reading that! I couldn't swim 50 lengths of the pool to save myself I'm well impressed. Fit-ishPlum you deserve that inch...I wonder what fiendish things Ruth_canal_runner is thinking up for October. I'm so glad I have a rest day tomorrow I feel pooped today ;)

  • I'm impressed with your 50 lengths. :)

    I can just about manage to get in 40 on a good day, but I've only got half an hour in the pool because I go on my lunch break. I'm happy with 40 right now though as when I started back in January I really struggled to get 30 and now I'm doing 40 without feeling dead when I get out of the pool. :D

    Hope I can do as well on my strength days!

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