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Day 12- will weigh in tonight!

Hi everyone. Thank god its the weekend, been really looking forward to it. Seeing my parents new house tomorrow and staying over, and then i'll have plenty of time to get stuff around the house organised. Might try and get some baking done if I have time.

Yesterday went really well, had some leftover chilli and rice and an apple for lunch, did another spin class and kicked my sorry behind! With about 30 minutes muscle work in the gym, and then I cooked a simple healthy dinner- Herby Cannellini Beans, on a jacket potato with salad. Gimme a shout if you want the recipe for the beans- they are lush on a baked potato, or toast, or as a chunky soup, and if you want something a bit healthier to go on the side of roast lamb instead of roast potatoes, they go very well. Well I suppose lamb chops/ roast lamb is a bit cheeky anyway but a little bit of what you fancy....

Am trying out something a bit different today. Trying a 22 hour liquid fast. Basically, I ate late last night (10:30pm!), and I thought I would try to not eat anything until 8:30pm tonight dinner (not sure what i'll eat, probably veg and potato soup with some seedy bread). Drink like water and coffee, tea, juice, squash and milk throughout the day to keep me going. After I finish work today, i'm going to go to the gymn and either have a short gym workout, or perhaps try an aerobics class, I just hope its not as intense as the last one. And of course weigh-in! I have decided I wont be too upset if the scales haven't gone down much, but I will check out my muscle density and see if that has changed. Because I reckon the scales wont have budged much but what with working out 10/12 days so far, my fat/muscle ratio should have shifted. I have decided on my actual goals now as well:

Lose 8kg

Reduce total body fat by 6.5%

Lose 3.5 inches off my waist.

That'll do pig!

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Wow I cannot believe the change in your attitude since your first post, you are so positive and a woman on a mission GO CHEFMEL!!!

Hope you have a fab weekend and enjoy seeing your parents new place.

Best wishes Bev

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Those beans sound really nice, I would love to see the recipe! I will, however, avoid the lamb. :P

It's a good thing I cook for myself because I'd be a total nightmare otherwise.... :D

Glad things are looking up and I look forward to seeing how your weigh in goes. I'm sure something will have changed after you've worked so hard! :)

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My boyfriend cant stand lamb either, but I love it. I can understand why some people don't like it, it has a very strong flavour to it. It was so funny- I won a recipe competition once, ran by Welsh Lamb, (they sent me a trophy and everything, they called it a "Baaafta", lolz!) and they sent me about £200 of welsh lamb- of all different cuts (mince, diced, chops, neck- they basically sent me 2 sheeps-worth I think!) And I had to cook with it all quickly and freeze a lot of it in individual portions because my fella refuses to eat it. Was living off lamb casserole/curry/ stew/ ragu for months!!


Hi ChefMel

I think you will be surprised and I think you will have lost weight.

Enjoy your visit home.

Have a lovely weekend ☺

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