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Not for the faint hearted


I hope no one on this lovely forum is offended by this post. I just watched a BBC documentary called The Obesity Post Mortem. Do not watch if you are squeamish or offended as it did exactly what it said in the title. It really made me think about the health implications of being overweight (which was the point) but done in such a professional and non judgemental way that I found it absolutely fascinating. It is obviously not a cheery, Saturday night watch but properly seeing fat inside the body and the impact on the organs rather than just my exterior in the mirror really made me sit up and take notice. I think I am still a bit in shock from watching it and the impact it has had. I am determined that I will not let the fat win. I can't describe it as an inspiring programme but an incredibly powerful watch with some unbelievable stats about obesity and health. Sorry if this brings down your Thursday but just made me realise what a fab job everyone on here is doing, and how hard we are all fighting. So keep up the good work, and remember that every change you make, no matter how small, can only be beneficial to your amazing bodies.

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Hidden4 stone

Hi TheJuggler :)

Thank you for highlighting this program. I shall look out for it. It certainly is described as an eye opener! ;) I find watching programs like supersize vs superskinny and my 600lb life to be very motivating and it helps me stick to my healthy life style. During a certain series of supersize vs superskinny they did something like what you describe; they had slides of real bodies of underweight, average weight and morbidly obese deceased people...really opened my eyes. I can't remember which series it was now but it is on 'YouTube'.

Sazkia x

rjay958 stone in reply to Hidden

Hi Sazkia i also watch these programs, "you are what you eat" "600lbs life" "fat families" "Supersize vs Superskinny" (& kids version) "secret eaters" and many many more, and i agree they defiantly help keep you focused, the one you mention is Episode THREE Kids Supersize Vs. Superskinny Season Kids ive watched them all lol

Hidden4 stone in reply to rjay95

That's it, yeah! They're really good!

If we could all see inside our bodies and see the fat round our organs, I think there would be a lot less unhealthy people in the world!

These programmes can certainly be a wake up call 🙂

Onwards and downwards 😀

I watched it last night as well and it had the same impact on me. All that yellow fat - just like butter as the pathologist described it made me so determined that it will go from me. The lady being examined weighed about the same as me - although shorter made me realise I must have the same or similar amount of fat inside me. Would like my husband to watch it but don't think he could stomach it!

Marylou54Super Trier

I watched it on catch up TV and thought exactly the same. The lady who was being autopsied was in her sixties as I am and whilst I'm not 17 stone I have been left with a overwhelming sense that this could easily be me if I don't get my act together. The first step is awareness which we all have here and then the next is action - both in getting things going re eating healthy and in actually moving more. I found it very interesting and moving too - she even had a bit of nail varnish on her big toe and so did care for herself ...... A sobering wake up call.

TheJuggler in reply to Marylou54

Do you know - the varnish on the toes was the bit that affected me most. The reminder of a 'normal life' and daily routine. Funny what you notice isn't it?

Marylou54Super Trier in reply to TheJuggler

I surprised myself by watching it quite dispassionately - bodies don't freak me out - but the nail varnish really brought a lump to my throat. As you say, that reminder of a normal life was very poignant. But hopefully she will help others to make changes to their lives and leave a good legacy. Good luck with your own journey.

I watched it as well. It is respectfully carried out re the patient and her family. It just underlines why we are changing our lifestyles. The stomach fat was a lasting image but so was the fat surrounding the organs. Don't watch if you are not comfortable with death and the insides of your body. If you are OK with this then it is very educational. Xx

I'm watching it now on Youtube. It really got me thinking about the fundamental reasons why I and anyone should lose the extra weight, and keep it off.


Hey, Thanks for sharing! I consider myself a healthy person, but someone who needs regular reminders of things like this. We in this modern age and modern world are in more need of proper health education (including food education ) than before. So again, thanks for sharing :)

This program helped me understand the complications of how my mum died, she had multiple organ failure and was obese. Was definitely a eye opener to help our self not get to being obese or overweight, losing weight has allways been how I look but now it will be what I'm doing to my body within.

I saw the programme too and it was brilliant. They treated the lady's body with such respect and it was fascinating to see the the insides and the effect of weight on the organs. I'm around the same size (height and weight!) as the lady and working on getting fit and losing weight, I'm doing it slowly because at nearly 65 the skin is sagging and I don't want to rush and get even more saggy - the tortoise/elephant skin look just isn't me ;)

On the whole, the programme wasn't as hard hitting as perhaps it could've been but it made the right points and has given people the opportunity to see what over eating does to their body - besides making us fat! It would be good if they went back in a year or two and revisited the people they interviewed about their weight and see if they have taken it all on board.


That was fascinating and incredibly motivational for me, I don't want to be that woman, I don't want my body to suffer like that and I want to make serious changes before it's too late. I've never looked forward to exercising so much! Thanks for the share - I would have missed this if I hadn't seen your post.


I watched the autopsy show - had to look away quite a lot, but I am glad I saw it. I agree that it was done in a respectful and non-judgementl way, and I am sure that it will help many of us to appreciate the demands we put on our bodies when we let our weight get out of hand.

I think people who donate their bodies to medicine, like this lady, deserve our thanks as well. Even though she obviously had severe health problems and plenty to worry about, she was still able to think of helping other people.

Ruby81 stone

I just had a look too. Scary really, but motivating! I am 17 stone and about the same height, just 10 years younger! Glad I had a good healthy eating day today!

Saw this too it was quite sad but very informative. Was surprised the lady had to come from USA hope she was returned home afterwards

Hidden4 stone

Wow - just watched this program and it is shocking but something that I needed to see. This is very good at keeping me motivated!!


Yes, fatty liver is lethal

😢 it's the stark reality when obesity is shown in a non judgemental and fact based way .. it was for me watching Fat Surgeons carrying out weight loss surgeries that gave me an insight into the damage under the fat layers that I carry. Not pleasant viewing, however it has been of benefit to me, it has pushed me to try and take control and make positive changes.

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