back from holiday and ready to start again plan of action

Hi everyone I have just had three weeks of holidaying so the waist line has expanded a bit. I have put on 5lbs I was doing alright for the first two weeks when I was abroad the food was not too good in the hotel we stayed at so it was easy to stay with the fish and salad but since I got back I have been to London for a week the food there was fantastic especial at Camden market so much choice from all over the world.

However I am back now I had got up to week 9 on the reboot challenge and was doing really well so I have decided to start again next week I will weigh in on Monday and start from week 1. I am sure we all have a holiday blip but dont be too hard on yourself I have had a fab time so now its time get back into a routine again.

And by the way I felt good in my swimming cossie and coped better with the heat better because of the weight I had lost. Good Luck All


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7 Replies

  • Hi Holiday100,

    Welcome back!!! :-) Hope you had a lovely holiday. :-) All that food at Camden market does sound particularly great.

    Good idea to re-start your Re-boot, and Holidays are notorious for gaining some weight, but it should disappear quite quickly, now you're back on track, so good luck you do it! I am still getting my holiday weight off, but it should all be gone soon, all being well.

    Really great to hear you felt good in your swimming cossie and that you coped better with the heat too - as a result of your weight loss to date.

    Have a great week, and good luck for Monday's weigh-in.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal I have had a great three weeks helped by feeling good I can't say how much I enjoy being on this plan after years of yo yo dieting. Glad to see your holiday was a big success I knew it would be. I will be back Monday for weigh in.

  • I was the same!! Hardly gained on my hols but struggled to get back into things due to visitors 😕 Re-boot is a great idea! Good luck 😊

  • Thank you Anna61 I had a great three weeks back home I have given myself this week to get back on track Good Luck to you onwards and downwards.

  • I'm thinking I might join you in the-booting from Monday, although I have managed to maintain fairly successfully during my recent health problems and surgery, I think a re boot would benefit me too 😊 I'm also going to do the Winter Solstice challenge 😊(I think that starts next week too?) 😊

    So good luck to us both!! 😊

  • I will have to check out the winter solstice challenge it will be good to see how we get along on the reboot good luck on both your Challenges😊

  • And you 😊

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