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Hi all hope we are all doing fantastic. Just want to do a quick update. So I joined weight watchers on Saturday (prescribed by my gp) and also registered for half price at the leisure center too. I did a Zumba class on Sunday and another last night, also went swimming for the first time in years yesterday morning. Was really fun. I'm really happy right now I've just finished week 5 and am 13lbs lighter. Also very pleased about getting through my first hormonal brick wall and coming out the other side not being right back where I started. I feel like I've got this now. This is me and my lifestyle. On a NSV I got my very first pair of button up jeans on a shopping trip in London I was treated to by my OH. Felt fantastic in them (helped along by them being a size smaller than my norm too). Just really loving it right now. Feel free to let me know what you are loving right now too!!! Positive vibes guys x x x x


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  • Morning Crimson85j, Well done on losing 13lbs in 5 weeks that's brilliant and new jeans a size smaller wow you must be so happy. Good luck with WW your gp should be pleased you have lost 13lbs already before you start with WW. Enjoy the Zumba and swimming.

    Right now I'm loving the fact that I just walked round the big block here which has one steep down hill and one very long steep up hill and I did it in 30 minutes usually takes me longer so I'm getting fitter and faster, lol.

    Have a lovely day.


  • Just keep going. We have to build these things up. Started swimming and thought "wow this is harder than I remember" lol. We'll get to a place where it's not so hard. Baby steps x x x

  • When I started using my exercise bike I struggled with 5 minutes, now I do 20 minutes every day. So I assume It will be the same with your swimming, just keep going and your get there, as you say Baby steps to begin with.

  • hi there i am so glad that everything is going really well for you and that you can get into a pair of jeans i have been struggling because at the moment i have to check alot of schools for my daughter to go to secondary school so i have'nt had chance to do any excersice it's been very hectic but i did go to weight mangement and got weighed and i lost 5llbs i am now 13stone and 5llbs which i am chuffed about hopefully when everything has settled dowm i can get back to normal and back into my routine again i will keep you up dated of my progress you have motivated me to do better thank you.

  • Great weight loss. Keep it going. It'shard when so much is going on but don't forget yourself. No one is going to take care of us like we can x x x

  • Hi Crimson85j, sounds like you are fully embracing a healthy lifestyle - nigh on a stone lighter in five weeks is a super weight loss. I had the pleasure of running my 5K in the rain today and for the first time ever without my ipod pounding away in my ear! I love running in the rain - just me and the ducks out today ;)

  • Wow well done you. Was looking at maybe doing one of these night walk/run things for charity after I've shifted a bit. They look like fun. I love walking in the rain. Especially when I'm in Ireland and next to the sea x x x

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