Little exercise challange at work!

I am on the start of week 4 I'm keen to keep my exercise going but when your Working long days out of the house at 8am back in about 8.45 pm you can't do anything although resting is good like Mr niceguy has explained too. So just finished 2long days set my self a small challange For Mon/Tues/ Some Friday. I work in a large building 7 floors to each floor there are 3 sets of stairways there is 10 steps on each stairway which is 30 steps to each floor. I would love to be able to start from the bottem and go all the way up and back down but if I tried to do that by the time I got to the 4th floor I would probably need to call a crash team! So I'm taking the lift to the 4th floor walking up 3 floors 90 steps then I go down 7floors which is 210 steps down I know it's easier to come down but my motto is better for me to do that then take the lift. So I did this midmorning and 5pm yesterday and today (takes 6/7mins) So over the next couple of months when I'm working I'm going to keep doing this and every couple of weeks I will start at a floor lower and see if I can achieve this going from the bottem to the top all in one go, so at least I'm doing a little bit while working and probably total of 15 mins per day ................................wish me luck!!!!!!!👍👍👍


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10 Replies

  • I love the way you have thought that one through - brilliant idea. I guess from what you have said that you never have to leave your floor normally? What good exercise.

  • I like how you're going to use what you have to exercise :) great idea and we'll planned, in sure you'll see results soon :)

    Good luck

  • Simple, free and readily available, what a great idea!! Xx

  • Brilliant Lizzy! In next to no time, you'll be running up and down those stairs with no problems! WTG you! :)

  • Good luck. I work in a 9 story building (10 if you go to the basement ) & I try to walk up & down the stairs as much as possible . This was ok when I worked on floor 3 or 4 but now I'm on floor 8 I find walking all the way up too much (especially in the heat).

    I think I will try & start with your idea of lift half way & walk up the rest when it cools down a bit

  • What a great idea! I think I will do something like that, only we only have two floors so I need to do a loop. 😀

  • Such a great idea,I wish you luck with it.

  • Well done and good luck with your plans. I am sure you will soon get your reward both on the scales and in feeling more fit and healthy. I used to do a similar regime when I was working in a big hospital. If I could manage a lunch break (!!) On fine days I walked a circuit of the building. Bad days I went up and down several floors of stairs.

  • We only have two floors at work and I always use the stairs as there is no lift! I try to get out for a walk at lunchtime, but get hampered when the weather is bad. I do try to fit in some exercise when I get home - at least our house has 4 floors, so I do walk up and down them! Good luck!

  • It would appear as though someone is beginning her training towards the Empire State Building Challenge, by attempting to scale numerous flights of stairs.

    Nonetheless, climbing stairs is a fantastic way in which to improve muscular strength in the legs, particularly once increased endurance and cardiovascular fitness begins to allow steps to be skipped.

    As one who has sworn by use of the StairMaster for the best part of twenty years, to develop and maintain an impressive set of legs, by seeking to scale flights between floors, you can rest assured that you’re on to a winner, Lizzy70, even if you’re your renewed sense of vigour has led your sons to brandish you as a crazy lady. (Yes, I did read your other post).

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