In April-June I managed to lose 5kg by watching my calorie intake and upping my exercise, half way to my target. Then the slide began - got bored with that way of eating, a few birthdays and summer holidays - now I've put 2.2kg back on. But today I decided it stops here and I carry on to try to reach my target by Christmas.

Small things first, this week I will start calorie counting again but mostly focused on swapping crisps, biscuits and chocolate for fruit and nut snacks.

Day 1 went well.


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7 Replies

  • HI Motherofboys,

    Welcome back! It's good to see you again, and you did really well back between April to June to lose 5kg. I know you've put some of it back on, but you've still maintained the loss of 2.8kgs, so that's good going!!!

    I'd like to wish you all the best with your goal to reach your target by Christmas. There are quite a few weeks till then, so you can make some good progress.

    Glad Day 1 went well and here's to a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Motherofboys,

    Welcome back. That was just a hiccup, your will have lost those 2.2 kg in a couple of weeks!

    How much do you have to lose to reach your goal? There is both FizzyLiz's Winter Solstice Challenge which starts on 19 September and Caz28's Last Few Pounds Club - both run until around Christmas.

    The challenges and frequent weigh-ins keep me motivated and on track.

  • Hello, motherofboys.

    An advantage of weight loss is that there isn't a limit to the amount of times that you can return to it, so don't allow your recent accumulation to frustrate you.

    By starting gradually, reducing consumption of the kind of foods that you know contain little nutritional value (cakes/sweets/pastries) in favour of healthier alternatives, that'll increase satiety, you'll soon shed those extra lbs.

    The addition of calorie reduction (don't think of it as restriction) and an increased level of daily activity will certainly ensure that you'll soon reverse the scales in your favour.

    I'm not sure if you've looked at them before, but it'd be worth consulting BMR/TDEE calculators, to provide you with how many calories are required to meet both. Having obtained the figures, aim to ensure that you consume sufficient daily calories to satisfy BMR, allowing the daily deficit to be introduced from your TDEE, to encourage weight loss sensibly and sustainably.

  • Hi motheroftheboys. I really sympathise with you. I am trying to get back on track after an 8 pound gain after a fantastic holiday in America. Managed to lose 4 pounds but am now getting very bored with having to watch what I eat all the time again. I fully agree with you to start with small things but the biggest thing with me is to calorie count. Make every mouthful accountable for and don't waste your calories eating foods that are not nutritious and healthy. We have done it before and we can do it again. Sure you will reach that target by Christmas. Glad day 1 went well. Onwards and downwards as they say on here. Best of luck to you :)

  • Good morning motherofboys 😊 I too struggled to get going after a break earlier in the year so can understand how you feel 😕 Try to focus on earlier success as research suggests this improves confidence, helps us believe that we CAN succeed 😊

    Good luck and very best wishes😊

  • Impressed by dedication that went into calorie counting to lose 5kg. How long did it take?

    I reckon with your focus you'll achieve your goal.

    I would like to lose 5 kg by Christmas. After that there's another 20kg to come off., but one step at a time. I'm concentrating on using smaller portions and cutting mindless eating at the moment. I guess calorie counting will be needed later.

  • I lost the 5kg over 12 weeks - the first couple were easy - after that not every week was a success. I'd agree that the calorie counting only became important once I thought I was eating healthily. My real goal is to become someone who only eats when actually hungry. I have found it takes some serious calorie counting before I actually reach a point where I get hungry before a meal, I tend to snack so much it just doesn't happen!

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