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Second Week Completed :)

Started the c25k 2 weeks ago been sticking to the programme exactly... 1 day then 1 day rest. Must say really enjoying it...started off at 15 stone 3 pounds with a bmi of 33.3 has im only 5ft 7 inchs tall. So anyway i weighed myself today and weighing 14 stone 6 pounds with a bmi of 31.7..am really pleased 11 pounds lost in 2 weeks :) I've set a goal of 11 stone 6 pounds so 3 more stone to go. Looking forward to week 3..keep up the hard work everyone we can all do it :)

have a good day !!

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Hi Britts4ever,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum, and it's great to hear you've completed the second week of the C25K. Wow, you've done brilliantly on your weigh-in today, many Congratulations! That is excellent progress. I bet you're feeling really good!

Have you read our Welcome Newbie post yet? It's worth a read as it highlights many of the things that past and present members like about the forum, and gives you some pointers on some Challenges that are going on - they are all in the Pinned posts area, so do join in with anything you like the look of.

We do a Monday group weigh-in session too, if you fancy joining a larger group for your weigh-in - but I realise that's a personal thing, and it's an option to consider. If you want to see the latest thread, it's in the Events section.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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