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My first post - anywhere

I don't really feel comfortable posting things on-line, so I'll see how I get on!

I'm not new to trying to control my weight, but I am new to Health Unlocked.

At the age of 70, I have to admit that my problem is largely one of "defying my mother". She died 8 years ago, but she's always in my head telling me that my size will make me ill, and questioning everything I put in my mouth in her presence. I joined a well known weight loss organisation 30 years ago, and just about managed to reach my goal weight, but I was never able to stay there for more than a week or two. More recently I've been following their current programme on line, and when I stick to it, it does work. But it's so easy to slip up! Either I'm out and about on my own, close to shops that sell biscuits, and I buy them, I'm sure, in a spirit of teenage defiance! Or I will plan a week of healthy eating, only to have my plans "sabotaged" by my husband who prepares much less healthy meals when I'm out, and persuades me to share a ac if ice cream with him.

Now, he has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (having been "under threat" for some years, and is ready to regard this as an opportunity to improve his diet and lose weight. and it's an opportunity for both of us. So I've joined Health Unlocked to strengthen my own motivation to keep us both under control.

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Hi Brenda and welcome. You sound very self aware - great to have that understanding of how your inner teenager might try to undermine you! But I appreciate that knowing your weaknesses doesn't mean you necessarily have the tools to fix them. Which is where we come in! Also the NHS 12 week plan which is about a change of lifestyle rather than a 'diet', meaning you can let your teenager have a biscuit or two as long as they're accounted for, and part of an overall healthy eating plan. There are lots of people on here who follow other methods too, such as WW or SW, which you seem to have had success with too. So just keep posting and asking. And maybe take a look at the weigh in thread which is being run by moreless today, lots of motivation to get you started there too. Plus various resources/challenges in the 'pinned' section. Good luck! :)

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Hi and welcome. I appreciate that talking about something as personal as weight to people you don't know appears wierd. But you know, you really feel like we are with you and we really do support each other. Just write about what you feel comfortable with. Looking forward to your next post. Xx

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Our reasons for eating the wrong things are very complicated, but this is a great forum with lovely friendly people to help you on your weight loss journey 😊 Try to believe in yourself, that you can do this, a little positivity and self belief go s long way 😊

good luck and very best wishes

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Hopefully you and your husband can make a good team to tackle your weight together. It seems to be the case that losing weight can "cure" some types of diabates, or at least mean fewer drugs, so he has everything to gain by losing!

Best of luck.


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