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Hi everyone. When I started this healthy eating plan around 14 weeks ago my holiday was at the forefront of my mind. I knew that I would be doing loads of walking, have a fairly steep hill to tackle every day. Putting that alongside the warm weather I knew I had to do something about it or it would definitely affect my enjoyment of my holiday. Well I'm off to Spain tomorrow morning at 3am. I weighed in this morning instead of tomorrow and am happy to say that I have reached 50 pounds loss since I started.

I can now relax and enjoy myself on my all inclusive week in the sun. I won't be going daft with the buffet although I can't promise that the bar will be given the same treatment. I'm back next Monday afternoon so will weigh in Tuesday 20th September. Hope you have all had a great week.


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You are amazing well done I hope after my 12weeks I'm still motivated as you are I'm hoping tomorrow I lose 2lb that will be first stone off then 41/2 to go I'm so enjoying it you have yourself a lovely holiday you deserve it and you know what the saying is .........if you can't be good be careful 😉

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Hi Lenny

So very well done on your weight loss you must be over the moon 👋

Hope you have a really nice holiday some time to relax 🌞

Don't be to naughty tho lol

Happy holiday

Pam x

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Wow, 50lb in 14 weeks, you've done brilliantly well! Have a fabulous holiday 🍷🍨🍹🚶☀️


Hi Kenny,

Wow, what a great result!!!

Enjoy your holiday!!! Will look forward to catching up with you when you get back. Have a wonderful time!

Lowcal :-)


Well done Kenny, you have done amazing 50 loss in 14 weeks. Have a great holiday.


Hi Kenny25 :)

Enjoy your holiday!



That is a fantastic loss. Have an amazing time on holiday. Xx


Have a great holiday, Kenny. You deserve it😊


Congratulations on your loss Kenny! I hope that you have a really great holiday :)


50 lbs in 14 weeks,that's a lot, well done! You will use up some cals climbing that hill everyday. Keep in mind the weigh in that you will do when you come back,that might help you step away from the buffet/bar :) Have a great holiday.


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