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Hi, I'm Paula 64 years old and have been dieting most of my life, I need to loose about 5 stone, I joined a while back but I now need to get myself on track, I suffer with arthritis it was in one knee but I'm getting the pain in both now, think it's a wake up call, I know if I lost weight it's going to help me, so tomorrow I start, thought I would post on here now, at least I have made part of my commitment then to start losing some weight, hope to get to know some of you more, hope every one has a good week.


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  • hi Paula, and a very warm welcome, similar age to me good luck with your challenge, loads of support here. look forward to follow your progress, you can do it

  • Hello 24paula, Nice to meet you. I have about the same amount to lose and I joined up just before you so we can journey together, so to speak! Look forward to seeing you on the forum! :-)

  • Hi Paula, welcome. I've been dieting all my life too. Been successful a couple of times but right now I have 14 more stones to lose. I've been doing this with the support of this community for 14 weeks and it's going well.

    You can do this. We are all in the same boat and folks here are at different steps of their personal journey. The forum is a great place and will provide you with inspiration and motivation. Best of luck to you and please let us know how you're getting on.


  • Well done for joining, you are very welcome. This is a friendly and supporting group. Ive been dieting since i was 14 but starting the nhs plan and being on this fourum has made me see weightloss more sustainbly- slow and steady, lifestyle not 'diet'. All the best see you around the forum.


  • Well done posting and welcome. You have made a big step today and I know you can make a fantastic start in your healthy eating journey. Good luck and look forward to hearing from you again. Xx

  • Welcome to the forum. I am a bit older than you and have a dodgy hip. I have lost nearly a stone and it has made a big difference . I find I am much more mobile and while the stairs to my flat are still a problem I do feel it getting easier. Good luck.

  • hi 24paula, you re just like me, same age and roughly same weight loss needed, i have today reached my first stone loss. and its taken me forever but ive done it, i feel so much better, and i know that you will too. I too suffer from OA so am restricted as far as excercise goes, but even moving helps. good luck x

  • Hi Rj52, congratulations on reaching your 1st, you must feel so good, well I was a bit disappointed this morning I had put 2lbs on since my last weigh in but I start from today and hopefully will not look back, my Dr keeps saying I would feel better if I lost some weight, my knees some days ache so much, if it going to make a difference then I will go for it, I don't know why we leave it until we are suffering!!! Well good luck this week your on your way to stone 2. X

  • well, its never too late to start, hopefully we l both get fit and healthy soon😊

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