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Nearly end of 3rd week

Hi all nearly at the end of my 3rd week feel I've had a good week eating very healthy and enjoying started exercise this week had a rest Thursday feeling it a little on the evening so Friday went for a swim and that really helped with my old hones! !!lol yesterday went walking round the park as my daughters riding her new bike and today I'm working just finished so I'm going to take my daughter on her bike ride so do more walking and jogging .....maybe I don't realise I've probably started training for c25k because I end up jogging then walking jogging walking. ........so I might take notice at what I'm doing looking forward to weigh in tomorrow morning (can't believe I'm saying that hopefully though 2lbs off the that's the 1st stone off fingers crossed )😁

Onwards and downwards x

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Hi Lizzy70 :)

Well done on coming this far, you're doing very well and you sound like you're enjoying being active; that's great! :)

Good luck for future success. :)


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Sounds like you have had an active weekend and good luck with tomorrow's weigh in. Xx

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