No loss at all this week & I'm feeling really fed up!!

ok , so I'm on my second week of the plan & after loosing 7lb in the first week I felt I was doing everything right & I felt in the zone. I normally weigh on a Monday but I felt a bit lighter the last couple of days so I was intrigued to c how much I had lost this week . So when I saw that I was still exactly 11 stone and hadn't even lost a pound I was so upset , I've been fed up all day because of this and I feel like giving up . I've worked so hard this week, meal planning,organis ing, writing everything down still, counting cals, drinking lots and lots of water, exercising, and I haven't even lost a pound!!! 😞 I am gutted . Just don't see the point of continuing this plan right now 😢 x


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  • Aw that must be disappointing! You probably have lost some fat though as you've been trying hard. I've read it's possible to lose fat even though the scales stay the same (due to water retention etc), and then they catch up the next week. this might be what's happening? X.

  • Oh OK , thanks for that, I didn't know that xx

  • Ah don't despair, easier said then done I know! Those scales are evil but don't quit, its always a bigger loss the first week and if you've been exercising you may have put muscle on and its quite common for the scales not to budge but chances are you will have lost inches. I've joined in on the Monday weigh-in's but I keep telling myself maybe it might be better to weigh once a month rather than weekly because when we don't see the weight loss we get down and off track. I know its sabotaged me in the past!! Please keep going, sounds like you are doing all the right things and it will pay off in the end!! x

  • OK, yes that maybe better for me to weigh in monthly as I have felt low all day and couldn't be bothered to prepare a proper lunch and had some of my sons sausage rolls instead 😣 back on it tomorrow xx

  • Don't be disheartened, I lost 1/2 lb in week 2 and felt fed up but the support on here is great and gently reminded me this is a long term plan not quick fix. I'm on track on week 3 and looking ahead to a healthier thinner me.😊

  • yes i think I need to think of it more as a long term lifestyle plan and stop expecting overnight success 😉

  • Please do keep going starsparkle, all of that effort will pay off, but I know just how you feel! xx

  • Good idea labessade, I have been thinking about making it every ten days. It's a bit of curse the way you can become tied down to what the scales say, when in reality you are probably doing really well. I think sometimes our body, (fat, muscle, water) needs more time to re-arrange itself and it takes time for the actual weight loss to show up!

  • Yes Ruby8 I have thought about investing in scales which show more body composition to see if they can provide more answers but they are expensive, not that accurate and would they just make me more obsessive about the numbers lol. The human body is a weird and wonderful thing... which even the scientists don't fully understand!

  • I know exactly how you feel, but don't give up! I lost 4lb the first week, half a pound the 2nd then a big fat zero on weeks 3 and 4 ! I was so disheartened having stuck to my calories and not cheated at all! I have now lost 20 lbs, so stick with it! It sometimes takes your body time to adjust. Make sure you are having the correct amount of calories according to the BMI calculator, change things up a bit with the kind of food you eat, I found really cutting down on bread helped, do a bit more exercise, brisk walking is good if you can. It will happen!

    Also, take your measurements, you could be losing inches but it's not showing on the scales yet. Good luck!

  • Thank you , I'm glad I'm not the only one. It is soooo disheartening isn't it? Especially when you've been trying so hard. Hopefully it is just my body getting used to it , fingers crossed I loose next week! X

  • As soon as I reassessed things and started worrying less about the scales and more about healthy eating and getting fitter I started losing weight!

  • That makes sense , I'm just going to avoid the scales ATM focus on my exercise and nutrition x

  • I am a little confused with the bmi calculated t

  • are you using the NHS one? it will give you a calorie range for your height, age, current weight, if you stick to the lower end of the range you should be able to lose weight.

  • Yes I am. It says my calories should be between 1395 - 1794. I'm eating around 1400 sometimes a little lower, sometimes a little higher x

  • Is that right?

  • You may need to increase it a bit, so your body doesn't go into starvation mode, you could try having average of 1450 - 1500 per day and see if that works for you.

  • OK thankyou , I did think it seemed a small amount x

  • Hi Starsparkle,

    I hope you're feeling a bit better, as I know you've had a tough day - and you've felt disappointed by not losing any weight as yet. But weight does fluctuate, and there can be so many reasons for that. Like others have said, and I love the responses you've had, do stick with things, and eat within your calorie range, and you'll get there. Basically, over a 2 week period, you've lost an average of 3.5 pounds per week, which is amazing! You're wearing that lovely 7 pound weight loss badge, and you should be sparkling with pride. You did that, you are amazing.

    Hope you feel better very soon, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • thank you , I think ill feel better tomorrow xx

  • Try stay with your Monday weigh in too.. stick with it a maintain is not a gain also check those measurements you may have lost on the tape measure. Keep ☺smiling

  • Thanks. I haven't measured at all. Will start doing that. I wish I hadn't weighed untill monday now! I was being too impatient xx

  • I to get weighed Monday & generally have a sneaky peak on a Friday morning just to see how it's going but stick with my main day for the actual weigh in 😃

  • Keep going starsparkle; we are so hard on ourselves sometimes and if you lost 7lb in week one then you ARE doing the right things and should be very proud of yourself. I weigh myself every day most of the time and, for no reason I can tell, I can lose 3 or even 4 lb in 24 hrs and not lose any more for ages and ages; the wait is then terrible (have I stuck or haven't I?). So far it has always started to come off again. It seems to come off in big lumps (I say it is the fat fairy who comes and takes a pound or two off when I am asleep). I have stopped trying to understand and analyse and just accepted it now, but it is a bit scary at first. Please hang on in there; it is so worthwhile but the first step is to learn to be kinder to yourself. xx

  • Did you weigh at exactly the same time of day? If not, you'll also possibly have been weighing all the food and drink you'd had as well as your body. If you weigh yourself, drink a glass of water and then weight yourself again, you'll have put on weight, but you won't have put on fat, which is the important thing.

  • Awww there is nothing worse than maintaining especially when you are trying so hard. From personal experience I found that if I lost a good amount one week I would then maintain the next, I don't no why. I averaged at losing two pound a week but if I lost 3 one week the next I would either maintain or lose a pound. Our bodies are strange things.

    Have you tried measuring your hips, waist thighs etc and track your progress that way?

    I no it's frustrating but your well on your way to a healthier you and even maintaining is a good thing.


  • Hi starsparkle, I see it's been 5 months since this post and was wondering how your getting on?

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