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Intermittent Fasting ~ Good Results!

Hello All,

I have been using the Intermittent Fasting method in order to lose weight. I've been doing it for 5 weeks now and have lost 23 pounds (i.e. 10.45 kg).

If anyone is interested in trying it I recommend visiting these sites to learn more:


My incentive for starting this diet was to loose weight before my daughter's forthcoming wedding as well as getting my blood pressure and type 2 diabetes under better control. I shall keep going for as long as possible just to see how much more I can lose.

I must say, it is not easy to tolerate the "hunger pains", but it has been well worth it now that I have some very good results to show. It is these results that are keeping me going and is by far the best weight loss method that I have tried to date.


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It sounds like you're doing really well and I'm in deep admiration! I started doing the same over a year ago with a flatmate and although it was very hard-we motivated each other. Sadly, when I moved,I just couldn't motivate myself to do the same by myself...I am going to try again!

Keep up the great work!

Ish x


Hello Ishara, Thanks for those kind words.

It's not easy to maintain self-motivation on any diet plan as I have found in the past. But with Intermittent Fasting there are results from day one and most days a small amount is lost, for me this is the driving force. Perhaps you too could try using the weighing scales to help you? That works for me.

Good luck.



Thank you for your kindness-I feel inspired to start again from tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Ish x


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