Weight still going down after holiday

Just come back from visiting my family around the country and happy to report that I am 200g down in weight from the day before I left home. Also, my waist measurement is down a couple of cm and I can certainly feel the difference because my trousers are beginning to feel loose. Almost into size 16! So, no guilt from sociable meals at the pub and a few glasses of red wine. Back home to scouse for tea and hoping for another half kilo off by next weekend!

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  • Well done so pleased for you

    Fingers crossed for Monday x

  • Hi Nereid,

    Welcome back, and it's great to hear you've lost 200g after your visits to family around the country - that's really good going!!! Lovely that you've also noticed a reduction in your waist measurement too, plus those loose trousers. You'll be into those size 16's before you know it!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and good luck for the Monday weigh-in.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done Nereid :)

    I am very happy for you!

    Sazkia x ♥

  • Ooooh . . . Not had scouse for years!! Enjoy 😊

    And very well done on losing weight on your holidays 😊

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