Week one going well so far :)

Week one going well so far :)

Five days in and ran C25k (week 4) three times, two fast days, hockey training and 13 miles of walking with two of my best friends (in photo :)). Achilles pain not flared up either thankfully which has been holding me back over the summer. So making the most of my time now before returning to uni...

8 of the miles walked yesterday (2 of them along this beach) and what a beautiful day it was, 24 degrees when I left the car and 31 degrees by the time I returned... phew it was a hot one!! Had to stop off at the pub three quarters of the way round for a cold drink. The pub was heaving with people sitting outside having lunch but I downed half a blackcurrant and soda, put the ice in my water bottle and gave the dogs a free drink and left. Took me just over 2.5 hrs but I was like David Bailey with my camera lol. Just hope I can survive the weekend with the family around and not let them lead me into temptation! Weekends tend to be my downfall, but hockey tomorrow, short family dog walk Sunday (with 5yr old) and planned some healthy meals which will help. Had one of my fast days today to avoid the Friday night takeaway temptation too so a great start for me with my head finally back in the game... lets hope it continues!! If you are still reading hope you all have had a good week and enjoy the weekend. Soon be weigh-in day eek.... fingers crossed its a good one too!


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7 Replies

  • Labessade

    That looks lovely scenery I would love to have that scene on my doorstep.

    When I am feeling a little down or anxious I am drawn to visit the sea - strange isn't it.

    Hope all goes well for the weekend👍

  • Thanks Trulyplumptious, yes I am so lucky here with a choice of miles and miles of forest or coast on my doorstep to enjoy, great for the dogs and me to exercise without being seen too much lol. Yes I am like you, my mum too - find the waves calming and definitely makes you feel better out in nature in general, especially when the sun is shining!

  • I love your photo and the dogs are sweet too. :D September has been a warm month so far. ;)

    Good luck for Monday, you've certainly been very active!! :D

    Sazkia x ♥

  • Thanks :). It sure has, I'm often Vit D deficient so its been great getting out more and enjoying the sunshine. I do love being active, used to be a lot more so playing squash and netball too but now with my rheumatoid arthritis I get stuck in when I'm able to and try and make up for the days I can't as much. Luckily they are now few and far between these days on my meds. I get tired and achy etc but not enough to stop me getting on with it. It gets harder though when I'm more stressed, which will start to happen in a few weeks when uni restarts! So getting a head start now :). You too.. will look out for the post!! x

  • Lovely photo, (lovely beach!). I enjoy photography too. :-) Great place to go walking. I might post some pics next time I go for a walk on the marshes near my London home.

    I am impressed by your level of exercise, I am planning a swim at the weekend, and I am making the effort to fit in extra brisk walks, as well as my usual walk to the station to get to work. You have lot's of nice things planned for the weekend so good luck and hopefully your family won't affect your resolve. I'm sure you will stay strong!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Thanks Ruby8, luckily its one of our dog friendly beaches all year round and tends to be pretty quiet between the towns, felt like I had the whole coastline to myself at times. I took so many photos it was hard to choose the best one to post :). Sounds like you get lots of walking in too, yeah post yours next time, great to see peoples walks.

    We love swimming too, my 5yr old started lessons this week so we might head to the pool Sunday too for him to practice. You can't get him out of the water though once there, he wears his goggles and swims under the water like a fish collecting dive weights too.

    Feeling strong so far fingers crossed, my bed is calling me now lol... have a great weekend and enjoy your swim!

  • With all the hard work you're putting in labessade, you certainly deserve a good weigh-in, so I shall keep my fingers tightly crossed for you :)

    Keep enjoying doing what you're doing :)

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