Oh My Goodness - Just bought my first ball gown!!!

So excited .... just bought my first ever ball gown ready for a posh dinner/dance in October. Since I first posted on this forum a few months' ago I have lost 2st 12lb and gone from a rotund size 24 to .... wait for it..... this dress was a size 16!!!!! Whooopeeeee. Mostly I'm a size 18 now so this dress must be a bit generous, but hey, what the heck, I'm not complaining. I'm as high as a kite and will need someone to poke me down off the ceiling soon. Any volunteers?


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42 Replies

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  • Well done you...... what a feeling of delight getting that dress now you go & enjoy that Ball πŸ˜ƒ

  • Thank you Yan328, I am sure I will. x

  • Kalahuchi

    Wow wow wow I'm over the moon for you so very well done on your weight loss you must have worked really hard big congratulations

    You are going to look stunning in your ball gown I hope you have a lovely evening

    Well done love keep up the good work you might even have to take the dress back for a smaller size the way you are going πŸ‘ πŸ‘—

    Take some pictures of you in your new dress would love to see it

    Congratulations again

    Pam x

  • Thanks for your lovely comments Pam; it's so wonderful to be going out looking like a lady at last and I am hoping to get in a size 14 by Christmas. Now that really would be a Christmas miracle, but they do happen. I will post a pic in my new frock when I am all done up with a new hairdo and such (and maybe also one of how I looked when I first started alongside it). This forum has been such an amazing support, I really can't express how much confidence you all have given me. Thanks a million x

  • Looking forward to seeing the before and after pic.

    Also Christmas miracles do happen you could see that size 14 that's what I want for Christmas.

    I have just moved from a 18/20 to a size 16 so I am hoping another 3 month and I could possibly squeeze into a 14 sparkly something for the winter solstice challenge you can too I'm sure. ✨✨✨✨ Bev

  • Oooh Bev, do you think we can really do it? It will be lovely to have some company along the way and I look forward to seeing size 14 sparkly dresses underneath our Christmas trees this year. . Good luck x

  • Let's go for itπŸ‘ We can at least try Good Luck✨

  • Can I join the "size 14 by Christmas Club" too please?? 😊 A great idea and motivator 😊

  • Let's all give it a go knowing my luck I will manage the bottom half in a 14 but the top will probably evade me but try I will.

    I think you will manage it Anna you have less to travel so to speak.

    Looking forward to seeing your sparkly something under the tree 14? πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„

  • Oooh, yes of course you can join Anna61; it will be so good to keep each other going on the long run up to Christmas and something special to look forward to to keep us off the mince pies and chocs. Size 14 here we come x

  • That's brilliant love can't wait to see you all dressed up you deserve it

    Good luck for next week

    Pam xx

  • Well done you've done amazing have a lovely time :)

  • Thank you for your lovely comments E1l2v3i4s5; I am so looking forward my evening out x

  • It is always so encouraging to read about other people's successes...hope you have a great time wearing your lovely ball gown

  • Thank you Dartmoor Dumpling .... my ball gown and sparkly shoes make me feel a million dollars. A marvellous incentive to stick to my new healthy way of living over next few weeks x

  • Well done you πŸ‘ hope you have a fab evening and enjoy looking great in your new gown. Best wishes BevπŸ‘—πŸ‘—πŸ‘—πŸ‘—πŸ‘—

  • Thanks Bev; I am looking forward to dancing the night away looking more like a dancing queen than a suet pudding x

  • Wow really well done ☺

  • Thank you Trulyplumptious. x

  • You have lost a fantastic amount of weight and what better way to mark your achievement then with a beautiful (and small) dress. Hope you have your dancing shoes ready!!!! Xxxx

  • I have indeed slimpickings; they are gold and I shall feel like a hollywood star when I wear them x

  • You will look like a Hollywood star too!

  • Thank you Helamy2001,

    It seems silly to get so excited about my first ball at my age (57) because I met my handsome prince 40 years ago and he will be coming with me. He is even more enthusiastic about my new look than I am. He wants a white tuxedo like James Bond. Wow, i'm in for a good evening aren't I? x

  • 😊❀️😊❀️😊

  • WOW! That is amazing - good for you! I'm so looking forward to being able to buy a lovely dress (I'm already eyeing up most of what is on lindybop!) and not feel like a spud in a sack :P I hope you have a great night out.

  • A spud in a sack, Geekydee, I haven't laughed so much in ages! I'm sure you look lovely and I must try looking on lindybop; never heard of that one. I spend so much at my local charity shop these days they give me discounts.... then a few weeks later they get it all back to sell again. Everyone wins. X

  • I don't go out into town too often but I never thought about charity shops ... might have to look into that as I'm hoping to move down a few sizes and hate wasting money :)

  • Charity shops are the answer to everything! Spend, spend, spend and no guilt because it all goes to a good cause. Have fun x

  • Hi Kalahuchi,

    That's exciting! Wow, you've lost lots of weight - Congratulations!!! Fantastic to hear you've dropped so many dress sizes, and you're going to be amazing in your new Ball Gown - your first one - hope you'll post a photo!

    I'm quite tall, so I can help with poking you down from the ceiling, so if you still need help with that, let me know. :-)

    I can also help you with a weight loss badge if you want one, so let me know if you'd like a 2 stone one, or maybe you're waiting for the 3 stone one? You're very close.... Just ask either myself or moreless if you do want a weight loss Badge, as you can wear it with pride - an option to consider.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks for your lovely comments Lowcal. I think I shall wait for those extra two pounds to melt away and go for a 3 stone badge then. Won't be long now I hope and I shall definitely post a photo when I am all dolled up in a few weeks' time x

  • How fantastic, well done.

  • ((((((WOLF WHISTLE))))))

    Woohoo kalahuchi, my pom poms are waving wildly! Woowee, you've come a long way in a really short time, I can't wait to see your pics! :)

    You should change your name to Cinderella, now that you're going to the ball, in a beautiful new gown :)

    I hope you have a fantastic time and feel like the princess that you are :)

  • Thank you so much moreless,

    this is such an exciting time and I never, ever thought I could achieve what I have and when I read your poem and story last week it really seemed to be almost exactly what I would say if I was eloquent with words (which I'm not) and I just knew I could achieve my goals too! Your weight loss story is so incredible, your posts bought a tear to my eye (in a good way). You sound just so happy to be you and I can understand that looking and feeling better has that effect but it is such a tragedy that you couldn't see that beautiful person within yourself even when you were bigger because the real you was there all along. I know from past experience that after a large weight loss the next challenge is to maintain and I have yet to face that one so I hope that this time, with the support from the lovely people on this forum, I may just manage it. Anyway, 3 more stone to lose before I think about that. Onwards and downwards.

    I jumped on the scales this morning to find I had lost another 2 lb, making a grand total of 3 stone...whoopeee! Do I need to wait until Monday's weigh in to ask for a badge, or can I request one now? x

  • So many of us let life slip through our hands, because we're so concerned about outer shells. My greatest wish is that by sharing our stories, we can encourage others to believe in themselves and to love the person that they are - big, or small :)

    Many congratulations for achieving your 3st weight loss and you don't have to wait a minute longer for your badge :)

    Onwards and downwards! :)

  • Many thanks moreless; onwards and downwards x

  • Every princess deserves a tiara for the ball but I only have weightloss crownsπŸ‘‘, so here you are! Can't wait to see those glamorous pics of you oozing confidence ROCK THAT BALL πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’ƒ

  • Thanks Prin,

    I would love to wear a tiara but have visions of it flying across the room and landing in someone's drink when I dance a jive; my arms fly everywhere...... and to top it all I have just weighed myself (don't usually bother mid-week these days) to find I have lost another 2lb, so that makes exactly 3 stone altogether since I started. I am so excited to be 12 stone something really soon now. Onwards and downwards and all that! I'm off to collect my ball gown now and will be proud to request my 3 stone badge when I declare my weight formally on the Monday weigh-in. Wow, I may have lost a bit more by then but I'd better not get carried away x

  • So chuffed for you - I will poke you if I must, but I am just so happy to hear about your happiness. Soooooo looking forward to seeing a photograph of you - just thinking that by October you could be another pound or two lighter, and will be twirling the night away.

  • Thank you MissisB. I think I am happy floating about right now and will enjoy the feeling while it lasts. I have lost another 2lb now so that makes 3 stone altogether and I am so happy today. Have a lovely day x

  • Whoop whoop

    πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’‹πŸ‘ πŸŽˆβ€οΈπŸ˜Š

    Very well done kalahuchi 😊 Your ball sounds lovely and like others have said, photos would be great ❀️

    You are doing so well, you do right to feel proud 😊 And a lovely 3 stone badge too, looking very good if I may say so!

    Very best wishes 😊

  • Thank you for your kind words Anna61; all I need now is a way to disguise my bingo wings and my outfit will be complete! x

  • I'm sure you look amazing! 😊😊😊

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