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My Week So Far

Monday -: Monday was what i call my naughty day where after weighing in i can have something i really fancied as a treat.. so i had popcorn chicken,Chips and beans. Was really good and had no evening snacking! Food shop for the rest of the week ordered as menu was planned!

Tuesday -: Shopping turns up, all put away cant remember what i had for Lunch but done a slimming world steak and Guinness pie for dinner with new potatoes and veg. and to be honest i wasn't impressed my other half and kids loved it.. i found it far to salty!! but also snacked in the evening

Wednesday -: Disappointing day my depression hit hard today and i just snacked out, munching junk through the day, didn't follow my meal plan was going to do Piri Piri prawn wraps but had no motivation at all! Luckily other half saved my from myself and done a lovely prawn salad with a wholegrain flatbread, i didn't snack all evening but still let myself down.

TODAY -: Feeling so bad and guilty for yesterday but gonna try pulling it back today I've had a slim fast shake this morning as i think skipping breakfast is one of the reasons i snack during the day and evening, but i cannot eat in the morning it always makes me feel sick!! so i have a load of slim-fast here so gonna try the shakes for a while see if it helps!

For lunch today I've got Nacho Wedges (SW Recipe) but rather than Mince i'm using the meat free mince as I've really taken a liking to the stuff!!

For Dinner Tonight was meant to be Italian Chicken Pasta Bake But old sieve brain here forgot to get the chicken thighs out the freezer!! So i'm gonna do Jacket Potatoes with a meat free chilli i tend to use allot of SW recipes as i love them!!

Im just hoping and praying my day of lowness doesn't affect Monday to badly I've got 4 days to pull this back! as always any advice or tips i'm open to.. just wish i could control myself when i have them days

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Try to keep busy then you haven't time too think about things and If you need a little encouragement here is the place to get it there are so many understanding people on this site to help listen and offer advice .It will be positive for you I believe a positive mind will be a rewarding one in the long run where you will achieve and be strong hope your days goes well x


That sounds like a pretty good week sandycox 😊 It takes time to learn all the skills needed for complete success so don't be too hard on yourself 😕 It's great your other half is on board to support you too ❤️

Good luck fur the rest of the week 😊


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