Hi everyone

Well I weighed myself on Monday and I have lost a total of 1 stone and 2 pounds to say I'm happy is an understatement , trouble is my clothes hang off me lol (like that's a problem) I have gone down in my clothes size and I can put my jeans on without opening the zip lol I do need to buy some new clothes yay but only a few until I have lost this other stone .

How are you all doing ?

Hope you are having a good week



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32 Replies

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  • So glad for you Pamed. You must be feeling over the moon and back. I have a pair of trousers I can now get into that I haven't worn for years so I have some idea how you feel. Have a good day and remember it's all downhill til the weekend now xx

  • Bobbivee

    Bless you I bet you are very happy to. Well done love Keep up the good work

    Have a great day xx

  • Fantastic loss - very well done Pam. It is so good when you can obviously see the results of your hard work. Hope you enjoy buying yourself some new smaller size clothes and and then again once you have reached your goal. I got to my goal weight but managed to put on 8 pound over a 2 week holiday to America :( Now back on track to getting to my maintenance level again. Hope you have a good week :)

  • Muffintop

    Thank you very much

    I'm very glad you reached your goal ,ok so you put on a few pounds on your holiday but why not you have to enjoy yourself and I'm sure you will loose it very soon

    Have a good day

    Pam x

  • Yes I agree, I am trying not to beat myself up about it and I did have a fantastic holiday. Back on track and lost 3 pounds already so fingers crossed I keep going and can report some loss on Monday. Thanks and you have a good day too.

  • Muffintop

    That's brilliant well done love , so very pleased for you

    Pam x

  • What a lovely problem to have 😊 I managed to take some clothes in with the sewing machine, others I just accept they're a bit loose. But the best bit is wearing much loved clothes that were previously too tight 😊❀️😊

  • Hi Anna

    Yes it is a really nice problem to have , good for you to take clothes in I'm not so good at that , but a very very well done to you love .

    Have a great day

    Pam X

  • Glad you are having success too 😊 How's it going with the fussy hubby?

  • Hi Anna

    Thank you as for hubby he has lost a stone in weight to but still fussy and a pain in the butt , but he is getting there

    He is having fish tonight heven help us lol

    Pam xx

  • Hehehe 😊 You are both having success then, that's what matters 😊

  • Anna yes so far so good I just have to realise that he is a meat and two veg man oh and bread !!! Tonight will be interesting may even give him rice !!! Oops now I'm pushing it lol

    Pam xx

  • Well done Pamed, what a lovely feeling to be achieving your goals! x

  • Thank you ruby still a stone to go but what do they say slowly slowly catch a monkey lol

    Pam x

  • Morning Pamed FANTASTIC and WELL DONE. πŸ‘ Big CONGRATULATIONS on your loss. ☺

    Yes it is a good feeling when your clothes feel loose. πŸ˜€

  • Thank you trulylumptious yes it is a great feeling , thank you very much one more stone to go onward and downwards

    Have a great day

    Pam x

  • One of the joys of losing weight Pamed, shopping for new clothes and what a great excuse! Well done! :)

  • Thank you sailsalot hubby out on Friday my day off work so possibly a trip into town yay πŸ˜€

    Have a nice day x

  • Well done Pam πŸ‘I am forever in my wardrobe now trying on this and that some things now fit some I still have to loose more to get into,

    I swear the fashion has gone round in a circle again some of the things I am finding in there lol.

    Have you joined the winter solstice challenge a nice sparkly something for you to buy there?

    Best wishes Bev⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • H bev

    I know what you mean about the things you find in the wardrobe sometimes I think why did I hold onto that but I'm glad I did now Even found a jean dress in there that I haven't worn for years and they are now back in fashion yay

  • Great well done. this will motivate me.

  • Thanks sawsan I will help motivate people when I can I'm sur you are doing a great job

    Fingers crossed love for next week

    Pam xx

  • Glad to see you on the forum sawsan 😊 And that reading posts helps to Motivate you 😊 How is your week going?

  • Very well done Pamed.

  • Thank you very much missib

    Pam xx

  • Fantastic Pam, well done you! :)

    Would you like a 1 stone badge? :)

  • Yes please I would love a badge but I don't know how to get one not that great on my iPad if I'm honest lol

    Have a nice day

    Pam x

  • That's fine Pam, just sit back and wait! :)

    Congratulations! :)

  • Thank you very much more less

    S kind

    Pam x

  • My pleasure Pam :)

  • Wao pamed!

    Excellent achievement. You are doing great.

    Very soon you will get rid of other stone as well.

    Well done.

  • Thanks Alli

    I was so happy when I got on the scales on Monday morning just need to try and varey my food a bit now

    Hope you have a good week

    Pam xx

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