Day 3

Today was a really good day, changed my breakfast to having porridge and small banana( all calorie counted ) and it was yummy, I'd forgotten how nice it was. For lunch I had uncle bens low fat chilli and whole grain rice, it was a small pot and I thought when looking at this small pot that it was never going to fill me up...don't get me wrong, I didn't fill stuffed afterwards but felt content. As usual for my afternoon break I had a go ahead bar ( going to have an apple tomorrow) and for my dinner I had a very small serving of mash potatoe which I didn't eat all of, lots and lots of veg and weighed out and calorie counted meatballs, not many...plate was mainly veg. End of the day I am way within my calorie allowance and I don't feel hungry. Looking forward to the weekend as I am planning some long walks with the kids and doggy.

I'm not sure if what I'm doing is right, all I know is that I'm eating healthily, not eating between meals, no fuzzy and drinking plenty of water. X

Hope everyone is ok and smiling :)


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2 Replies

  • Hi Kathy, :-) Your day's eating all sounds pretty good to me.

  • That sounds like a good days eating 😊 Glad you found it easier today 😊 Porrige is a great start to the day, keeps me going all morning 😊

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