What would you pick from this menu?

I have just found out I am going out for lunch on Friday, where we all be having a "main meal".

What would you pick from this menu believing it to be the best healthy/low calorie option? I have a couple of ideas, but would welcome some expert eyes and knowledgeable people who might assist me.

Planning ahead. :)



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13 Replies

  • I think the traditional roast of the day will be the healthiest option with that, plenty of veg some potatoes and meat with a little gravy...you know what you're getting and mostly the ingredients are simple so not too much worry of added salt. I know how surprised I was to find a roast dinner being less calories than other meals, like curries and pies etc

    However, that's just what I think. :P

    Sazkia x ♥

  • Gosh. That was seriously not one I had picked out.

  • I might be wrong! :P I remember reading someone's post on here (think it was Caz) who made a roast dinner and found she had plenty and it was still within her calories...she may have made little alterations but it's worth asking her).

    I was just thinking even with the healthy 'fish' there's batter and the curries are usually loaded with lots of salt. Do what you think is best, I was only giving an opinion based on what I think, nothing else. :)

    Sazkia x ♥

  • I am here to learn, listen and see what opinions folks have. :)

  • I'd probably go with the Cheese & Mushroom Omelette or the ribeye steak as a potentially healthy option including foods I like to eat. The roast dinner is probably a good option too (with a careful eye on gravy and any sauces/dressings, as that's where calories could hide). Unless I particularly fancied one of the other options, in which case I'd just have what I fancied and enjoy it, but limit myself the rest of the day.

  • I'm with Sazkia, MissisB, but I'd hold the potatoes and yorkies and have extra veg! :)

    Have fun on friday :)

  • Hi MissisB!

    I think you would also be ok with the pan-fried Cod (you can always ask how it's done and see if it could be grilled instead) or the Cajun chicken, if you don't mind spicy!

    Also, you can generally ask to swap things like fries for a jacket potato or salad. And, of course, if a meal is really big only eat half of it and take the rest home for another meal. :)

    Good luck and have a fun dinner out!

  • Just to confuse matters further I'd probably be picking the sizzling Cajun chicken and ask for a baked potato with it. When I worked as a chef we used the cast iron sizzler plates, mainly for effect, when sending steaks to the bar. The chicken breast is lean and the Cajun seasoning is very low calorie. The grilled garnish is likely to be tomato or mushrooms. The kitchen may add a half teaspoon of vegetable oil to the sizzler plate just before service to get the smoke and smell going but I reckon this is the lowest calorie choice on the menu from a former chef and food addicts perspective.


  • I am really appreciating all these answers and the knowledge you are sharing. I have to admit to being a bit flummoxed by the menu at first glance - it is very heavy on the fry/cream sauce/high calories options. I was momentarily excited by the chicken strips ......... in cream and Stilton sauce - don't think so.

  • Glad you're just having a main meal those starters look like meals in themselves! I'm in this for the long term (s l o w weight loss) and I don't go out to eat very often so this is a bit of a compromise as I'd want to go out and not feel as if I'd missed out. So, I'd have the roast with everything (including a Yorkshire unless it was one of those the size of a bin lid!). Probably not the lowest calorie option but I'd come away feeling as if I'd had a treat. If I only had the roast and veggie a wee voice would be saying..."well that leaves room for a dessert..."

  • I'd have to go for the 6 oz rump steak and ask for loads of salad with it (ask for salad dressing on the side). If that won't be enough to fill you up, ask for a jacket potato as well, again, ask for any butter separately.

    It's lunchtime and this has made me feel extra hungry :)

    Enjoy your lunch on Friday. 🍴

    Mouse 🐭

  • I would have the chickpea curry and ask for it without the naan, or have the fish n chips but open the batter like a jacket and just eat the fish inside, try to only have the very nicest chips, leave about half on the plate/ palm off to anyone keen :)

  • I loved and appreciated all these replies. I will admit that those suggesting I might be disciplined enough to leave things on my plate in the pursuit of healthy options, were good - in that I knew that when my plate arrived, my will power would not be in the same place.

    So, after much deliberation, I went for the Cajun Chicken - and rang up beforehand so I knew (I thought) what the options were as accompaniments - so from chips, mash (?), jacket potato or a large salad, I chose the salad (no dressing).

    Just to show how careful planning can still leave you unprepared, the chicken arrived on a "bed" of finely chopped fried onions (((eeeeeek))), and topped with three large battered onion rings!

    Most of the fried onion I managed to scrape to the side of the plate (don't want to go back to the office breathing onion over everyone), but I succumbed to the onion rings.

    Still, nothing is banned, and I had had a lighter breakfast than usual, and tea will be a light meal.

    Oh, and all the advice about the roast dinner has been useful - another meal out in ten days time, and I am going straight for the roast that day.

    The most interesting thing was that the two options I had thought could be best, were the pan fried cod (I thought that although it was fried, the portion size of that could be smaller given the price of fish), and possibly the jacket potatoes - although the tops were not at all healthy. Learning curve going on here. :)

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