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Needing some inspiration for sore throats

henderslhWork in Progress

I first started the 12 week plan a few months ago & I was doing quite well. I then used the excuse of mine & 4 family members birthdays to sabotage my attempts so I'm back to square one - 73.7 kg I was planning to restart after the bank holiday but ended up with ear infections in both ears I went to the GP yesterday as I feel really odd on the way to work. She checked me out & said my ear infections had cleared but I now had a throat infection & have been given antibiotics ( last time I had any was when I had my wisdom tooth out at hospital & before that in 2003 for Campylobacter infection) so I'm quite surprised. She was a little concerned that my coughing could be a sign off something more serious & that my heart rate was a little erratic (pulse & BP ok). I hate having my blood pressure taken ( nurse told me white coat syndrome)

GP said I was to take some time from work as sick leave but I feel a bit of a fraud as I just feel really tired & have a sore throat. But this will be the first time I've been off I sick since 1 day off in April 2009.

It really made me appreciate how expensive prescriptions are I've spent £25 in a week so feel really sorry for people with chronic conditions like asthma who don't get free prescriptions .

I'm sure once the antibiotics have kicked in I will be back on track & back to work .

Does anyone have any ideas for healthy sore throat treatments as I want to keep up the healthy eating I started ?


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VickyDLM2 stone

I find camomile tea or ginger and lemon tea to be really good for soothing a sore throat. My Dad always used to put a teaspoon of honey in as well, but you can leave that out if you don't want the calories! :)

henderslhWork in Progress in reply to VickyDLM

Thank you

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

Vitamin C is an excellent pick me up - squeeze some fresh lemon juice into some hot water and honey. Honey is a natural antibiotic too and very soothing. Oranges, mandarins, blueberries too, all good for the vitamins to boost your immune system. Drink plenty of water, fruit tea, and maybe even have one or two small treats to make you feel better.

Sounds too like you need a good rest - the body can get run down if you keep going too long without any "down time" doing something relaxing, and taking your mind off work and family problems. Allow yourself time to sit, put your feet up, relax with a good book or listen to some music... whatever allows you to escape for a bit.

radioactiveblue100 pounds in reply to DartmoorDumpling

I would second the fresh citrus (I'd choose lime over lemon) in hot water -- with local honey if you want it sweet, or a tiny pinch of himalayan salt (if you have not been advised to reduce your salt intake because of your blood pressure).

Also, garlic and onions are good if you can add them to your foods (just take garlic tablets if you are not keen on eating garlic).

Take the opportunity for R&R. You might feel like a fraud, but you need to rest -- and your colleagues will thank you for not sharing the germs :)

henderslhWork in Progress in reply to radioactiveblue

Thanks - I'm trying to eat lots of fruit & drink plenty of water. I may make a green kale & mixed berry smoothie later

henderslhWork in Progress in reply to DartmoorDumpling

Thank you - I'm not feeling too bad which is why I feel wrong not to be at work

Hidden4 stone

Heed your GP's advice and stay off work till you're better; if you don't take the appropriate rest a minor illness can develop into something more serious. Eat plenty of fruit and veg, lots of warm drinks and take your medication correctly. That's all I can think of at the moment. :P

I hope you get well soon and don't suffer much while you're recovering! :)

Sazkia x ♥

henderslhWork in Progress in reply to Hidden

Thanks Hidden , I will do xxx


Pineapple very good for throats 😊 I have a friend who is a professional singer who swears by it 😊

Otherwise, just keep up the vitamins with wide variety fruit and veg, as many different colours as possible 😊

Lots of fluids, at heart a cup/glass every hour.

Lastly, (and I am finding this difficult at the moment) but lots of rest, it really does work 😊

Best wishes 😊

henderslhWork in Progress in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thank you very much

ScouseTaffy6st 7lbs

Sorry you've been unwell. On holiday in Malta I developed Quinsy. One great piece of advice they gave was to drink lemonade that had gone flat, it was soothing and I've used that tip for a number of years. Also gargle with hot water, as hot as you like, it seems to get rid of gunge at the back of the throat. I use O2 24/7 & bipap so throat problems are frequent; the gargle really helps me.

Honey and good vibes too.

All the best x

ScouseTaffy6st 7lbs

I just saw this is from 2 years ago. I hope very much that you no longer need help x

henderslhWork in Progress in reply to ScouseTaffy

Yes I’m much better now but I will keep the tip in mind xxx

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