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Struggling to find how many calories I should be eating!

I started the programme 6 weeks ago... and it's all going well. I know at the beginning I was told how many calories I should be consuming in order to continue losing weight. The BMI check tool doesn't ask me how much exercise I do (which has changed). Does anybody know where I can find the in-depth BMI checker?

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calculator.net/calorie-calc... I use this tool. I think it's better than the NHS one considering that your calorie intake depends on how much active you are. We only have 3 options with the NHS tool , while this one has 5.

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When I use the little blue BMI NHS calculator I don't get ANY options....


The NHS BMI calculator has been fine for me Webb and does take exercise into account. I'm a great believer in eating as much as you can, while still losing weight :)

Have a look at this, to see why eating enough is so important


It's a case of trial and error, to find a level that's just right for you :)

Good luck! :)

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