PT needed! Motivation -100%

PT needed! Motivation -100%

I say PT, because it was the closest name relation I can think of.

I literally need someone to follow me around from the moment I wake up, till bed time, to shout at me to keep moving, snatch food from my hands and scream in my face to complete exercises!!

Motivation still sitting at 0 for exercise!! So tired all of the time and just get in from work and half of me is like, I really cannot be bothered and the other half is like, but think of the results! Unfortunately the former voice ends up winning that battle! I don't binge on food after work or anything, just don't move from the sofa or bed, when I know I should at least be doing something exercise related. XD

I am hoping that now the school holidays are coming to and end and it has also begun raining, I can return to swimming a few times a week again.

I know I shouldn't have stopped. But the times I could go, were always packed with kids, they swim all over the place and in lanes etc, and the adult only sessions aren't honoured either. It just became too much hassle and I was exercising more walking from the car to the pool than I actually was in the pool itself! I don't do children, so it wasn't the best place for me to be in XD

I also found the pic above online and thought it quite apt.

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  • How about doing little things that disrupt those bad habits, like putting your walking boots in front of the telly, swimming kit in the fridge to make you go to the pool before dinner... If I wake up and my running kit is laid out I'm much more likely to go out for a run... speaking of which maybe I should reintroduce that particular tactic! Also set up reminders on your phone, motivational posters, charts, post-it notes on your bedroom door etc... You can be your own personal trainer. Every time you master a new tactic let us know too :)

  • Swimming I do straight after work - so have my kit in the car. That bit I can get down. Going around 3 times a week. But it's everything else - finding time and effort to fit in steps or go on the bike (which is a towel dryer and that I absolutely hate going on). When I think about doing my mini circuit, I still think, even though it's only a few minutes, I cannot be bothered. Laziness is apart of my being haha.

    Shall definitely try to stick to strength Sept though! 2 days on, 1 day off!

  • For me it's all about timing. I won't do any exercise after work, but I will first thing in the morning or on my lunch break.

    I hear you on the kid front. Luckily, the center I go to has more than one pool and they're really good about keeping kids out of the lap swim areas so it's fine, once you get past the chaos of the changing rooms! :P

  • I start too early in the morning to go before and have time to get ready and get to work :( and I can't deal with the shower faff half way through work - means make up re-application and depends on where I'm actually working on the day haha.

    So after work is really my only option at the moment, swimming I shall go straight after work, but that's only about 3 times a week. It's all the other stuff in-between, like making time and effort for getting in extra steps or going on the bike (which is MEGA boring!)

  • I would prefer to go in the mornings, but I have your same problem. Just can't get up to the train early enough. Luckily, I'm not a makeup person so I don't mind having to rinse off in the middle of the day! :)

    Good luck finding an activity you enjoy! :)

  • can you take a brisk 15 minute walk in your lunch break, or put some music on and dance around after tea? Leslie Sansones 1 mile Happy Walk has a real feel good factor and only takes 15 minutes.

  • I was just going to suggest this 😊 Experts now suggest regular short bursts of exercise are more beneficial than hour long gym sessions 😊 10 minute walk, 5 minute dance, 5 minute hoovering, 5 minutes on the bike and up a couple of flights of stairs, spread out throughout the day, and you've done your 30 minutes 😊

    Good luck

  • I guess I have no excuses not to vacuum the house anymore! ;)

  • Hey Anna, that's how I am managing to fit it in. A little often, spread throughout the day :)

    I don't take the lift at work anymore - running up the stairs at every opportunity, panting when I get to the top though hehe!

  • It really makes a difference 😊 Oh and I forgot to say, deliberately parking at the furthest away parking place 😊

  • Sounds like a great plan - and it's working! :)

  • I've challenged myself to take the stairs every day at work too. I'm ok until the 2nd floor, so it's unfortunate I'm on the 3rd! :D

  • Hi Fit-ishPlum,

    It's great that you're doing the September Strength Challenge, as that will be really motivating!

    Lowcal :-)

  • I feel exactly the same as you do about kids running around screaming everywhere at the swimming pool and pissing on your parade - puts me off just as much as it does you. Try to go when they're at school.

    Spark people shows you exercises on videos which you can do whenever any slight motivation does arise, as does this website somewhere. Just get your butt off the sofa and do it !!!! You're at a great advantage in that you're not binging on food, because that's so easy to do on the sofa, so you're actually doing very well.

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