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Small Changes mean Baby Steps

So far this month I have swapped the one sugar in my coffee for sweeteners and given up the chocolate ice-creams and swapped them with fruity lollies (a difference of about 250 cals per ice!

I am also adding lots of salad to just about everything topped with a huge handful of shredded lettuce :)

Now looking for some really tasty gluten free cereal

Wish me luck with that

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Your swaps are really nice. Very good decision to swap sugar, as sugar has no benefirs just harm and harm.But we have cravings for the sweet things because we are so much used to for it.But sooner we understand better for us.

Salad is helping me as well to control my food quantity.

Well done you!


Well done 😊 Baby steps and small changes add up to big differences 😊


New change is that given that carbs turn to fat if not burned straight away I have some carbs in the morning and small amounts up until about 2pm then I stick to protein rich foods and lots of salad....lost a few pounds this week now

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That's a good idea, 😊

I find I get mega hot flushes if I have carbs later in the day 😕


Just spotted this link about power salads.....going to go shopping for new ideas for breakfast :)



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