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On June 27th I started my journey to a healthier eating plan I weighed in at 16st 6lbs and this morning I weigh in at 15st 5lbs. Wow I am so pleased.😆 still can't believe it.

I have lost 1st 1lb I can't really believe it as my steps have been compromised over the last 5-6 weeks.

Yesterday I went to have a look at exercise bikes - there is a huge selection -from spinning, seated like a rowing machine and the standard upright all with varying degrees of comfort. I have looked at the reviews but still remain unsure.

Winter is coming and I am trying to plan ahead. I suppose my reason of going down the excersise bike as an option is it is immediate -spare 5minutes I can jump on even in my pyjamas that type of thing. I am aware I will need to up my excersise down the line.

I also looked at balance boards - any advice on these would be appreciated. I am still in recovery from labyrinthitis as some of you are aware. It's still hanging around. It affects my balance.

I read the reviews on this site and therefore I am aware others are using excercise machines. So any advice recommendations avoidance not to purchase would be welcome.

The machine that takes my fancy at the moment is at Decathlon it's called "comfort" it's totally adjustable handles seat etc for me being tall the assistant said I was above average height for a woman (not sure how to take that) 😕I do have long legs 36 in inside leg - long arms but short body. Some machines didn't have the adjustment I need.😩 .

Any advice please will be welcome warts and all ☺ or have you any other type of equipment suggestions to get me through the winter months.☺

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Hi Trulyplumptious

Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on losing over one stone woohoo, well done. If you wanted you could ask Zest or moreless for a 1stone badge 😄 As you lose more, it could be replaced with 2stone, etc. as an added incentive 😁

Also I'm glad you are better regarding your labyrinthitus, I know it's a dreadful feeling when it comes, and I'm so happy that you are recovering enough to think about upping your exercise. I'm a fair weather walker and am not looking forward to the winter ☔️☃🌨 If I had a room big enough I would think about getting a machine of some kind, but will just carry on doing the utube walking 2 miles and the happy walking one. At least can be done in my kitchen.

Good luck with what you choose.

Mouse 🐭

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Thank you Annon E mouse for your kind comments. Last week I stuck with my weight so felt a little deflated even though you know it's just temporary. 😄

I live in a very small house with Mr T a labrador and a Great Dane but I can find a small footprint I can put it in the kitchen. It's open plan so I could do some distraction therapy and watch the telly at the same time.😂 method behind my madness!

I have tried the you tube walking i think its brill but it goes slightly too quick for me I get in a dreadful tangle.👣Not seen the happy walking one I will look it out.

I might apply for my badge like you said it's motivational.👍

Thanks again

Have a good weekend ☺


Well done on losing that first stone! You are well on the way to a new you now! 😄

I have had an exercise bike in the past, but never felt motivated to use it. I do try and make myself run up the stairs as often as possible as stair-climbing is an excellent calorie burner! I also have two dogs who are the best exercise machines there is....! The secret is to keep busy and moving, doing whatever takes your fancy, so long as it keeps you active.

With that in mind, I had better get out of this chair in front of my computer and go do some hoovering!



Yes I know what you mean about motivation to use it. I have had one before and felt the same. However I must do something.

Maybe because I have lost weight I may have a different mindset this time to using an exercise bike with loosing weight it's a means to an end to use it.

I also have two dogs Benson a great dane and izzy a black labrador. Always had dogs and a horse unfortunately no horse now -love them dearly. I enjoy your little posts with Mill.

Benson is 7 and izzy is 12.

Thanks DD for advice and support ☺

Have a good Sunday💕

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Hi Trulyplumptious,

Wow, this is great! A very inspiring post, and Congratulations on losing over a stone. Let us know if you'd like a 'Badge' to mark that. Either myself or moreless would be able to award you one, if you'd like one, just let us know.

Oops, I pressed submit before I was ready there - this message was only half finished when I did that, but this is the rest of it!

I just wanted to wish you success with your remaining goals, and I've just noticed that Anon-E-Mouse has already told you about the Badges, so I apologise for repeating that. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Lowcal :-)

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Oh thank you Lowcal for your support and words of encouragement for the future winter months I appreciate it.☺

Yes a badge will be a good incentive thank you.👍


I will ensure it is with you in a moment. Congratulations!!! :-) You are wearing it well. Very nice! :-)

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Thanks looking good or what! I will show it off when visiting my GP next week for a review.

Its brouht a smile to my face.😂 The reason being many years ago the young wippersnaper commented " you do know your obese" Hmm.

The reason this made me chuckle is because let's just say people in glasshouse shouldn't throw stones - came to mind.😂

Have a good Sunday and thank you again.

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Second congrats of the day Trulyplumptious this time for your badge.

It suits you and looks good 😄😄

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Oh thanks!😞


Congratulations - great to read and put a smile on my face and a few others I suspect.😀


Thank you 70plus I like to make people smile💞

Yes 20 years back he was but a boy.

As you get older somethings are harder to control and come and bite you on the bum! Just when you least expect it.😉🐢🌞

How are you doing on your journey? Well I believe!

Have a great lovely Sunday.😃🍷🌻


Just had a few tears reading Moreless poem- wow what a journey. Mine has come to a standstill again but I will get back eventually. So many hurdles to overcome.

My husband passed away a year ago and lifting and rolling for his last years took it's toll on me. Had spinal surgery and a bone graft in September which meant months of inactivity. Then both arms literally gave up - 4 shoulder muscles in both were torn but worse the shoulder ligaments had snapped and shrunk away. Left was repaired in April with bone anchors and sutures and the right the same on 6th August. Very slow and careful recovery on both with shoulders immobilised-looking at another 4months minimum. So I have plenty of excuses.

The only positve is that my weight has stayed the same so I am told that I am not over eating as with so little activity I would have gained. Every cloud has a silver lining.😐 🙂

I found some very useful armchair exercises Thank You.

I can use parts of them. My left side has to be strengthened but not overloaded so I can now lift a kettle with a cup of water in so patience is the name of the game.

It probably sounds daft but I do get pleasure from reading the Forum - whether it's success or despair - and support is always forthcoming for any one that needs it.

Time I stopped rambling - oh dear bad phrase, wish I could!


Hi 70plus

Oh bless you what a journey you have had over the last year and I do understand how difficult this must have been for you.

Being a carer is really hard work and may I say well done to you. I am sorry for the loss of you hub and it's so hard.

Bereavement takes its toll and caring for your husband has obviously taken it's toll on your own health which I appreciate you would would not have had it any other way. I think you was very determined.

Then to go through your own personal journey with your own health issues you certainly are a trooper 70 plus👏. 💞

Well done 70 plus you are to be admired I have nothing but praise for you. Your determined spirit will bring you through this your a 🌟.

It's good that you have not gained weight when your mobility is comprised.

Yes I agree that you have to be guided by the health care professionals advice wit regard to excercise. Don't undo the good work.

Regarding the kettle I am not sure if you are aware you can buy a thing called a tipping kettle they are really good.

The kettle works on a rocker system so you put your cup under it and tip to fill ypur cup opposed to lifting it up. I bought one for my mum who is 94 and its allowed her to maintain her independance.

A full kettle is quite weighty -be careful after your surgery although you don't need me to remind you.

It isnt wrong for you to enjoy reading the posts i can truly understand why you love to read the posts - 😅

"There's nowt wrong with that lass" (as Mr T would say coming from Yorkshire) 🌞

You look after yourself and keep me updated on your journey. 🐢



I really like exercise bikes as I can't run or walk fast enough to get a good cardio workout 😕 If you can try before you buy that's great, 😊 I just do 10-15 minutes couple of times a week, it has really helped my fitness and, I feel sure, contributed to my recent post- op recovery 😊 3 1/2 weeks until I can cycle agsin and I am looking forward to it 😊😊😊

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Oh thanks Anna your response it is really helpful. 👍

Yes I am like you by the sounds of it.

Yes I sat on the bike and the chappy adjusted it to the correct settings etc. However I am concious it's like those shoes you really want they don't hurt when you try them on in the shop!

My dad used to say buy them to fit your feet not your eyes. However at some point everyone has bought them to fit our eyes I know I have.

Wishing you a speady recovery. 🎉

3.5 weeks will fly -make the most of it. ☺

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My exercise bike came from Amazon, it's an UltraSport, not complicated and I don't use all the various 'bits' on it. Seems fairly substantial aswell.

Like your suggestion, I use mine in the evenings watching the telly! I'm not obsessive about fitting it in, so do miss a few evenings at various times. With winter coming (oh no!) I expect I will use it more.

Sooooo well done on your weight loss, how fantastic. Can't wait until I've lost a stone, hope it doesn't take forever. ☹️

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Congratulations on your fabulous weight loss, that is fantastic. I am unable to answer the question regarding the bike, but I very much prefer the reclining type as they support my back. Having said that, I considered buying one last year, but decided to opt for gym membership instead as I only live in a small flat and have no idea about maintenance etc for an exercise bike - plus, my gym is only a few doors away!

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Thank you Less To Lose for your support and kind comments. 😁

Yes I tried the reclining one which I liked in principle but the base of the seat was only about 6inches from front to back at its deepest and although it's never been suggested that I have a big bottom it wasn't enough being tall.

The sales assistant also said I didn't need one of those but didn't say why! I have had a prolapsed disc in the past so have to be careful. I'm cautious.😞

Amazon has been suggested so going to have a search around before I make a decision.

Yes who would believe I could lose a stone.😂

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