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Getting my fat bum back on the wagon

Having a busy work and home life with a lot going on means that I have lost track of my weight and a stone has creeped up on me.

Gearing up to start again on Monday. I have got into the habit of having shredded wheat and fruit for breakfast which is high fibre and healthy and have created a lunch rotation of four different lunches that I can bulk cook and eat, so I just need to tackle snacking and evening meals.

Had a great day out in London with the family yesterday and we did nearly 14km of walking (18,690 steps), so that should get me off to a good start.

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Well done I'm with you tomorrow for a loooong journey x

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Hi Rossbale,

Welcome back! Great to hear you're starting again tomorrow, and I'd like to wish you success, and also to you Frumpy, as I see you're also starting tomorrow too.

Rossbale, good luck with your plan to tackle your snacking and your evening meals, I hope you are able to alter them to suit your preferences, and it's great to hear you had a lovely day out in London yesterday with your family - wow, a lot of steps - London is great for so many things to see and do. You're off to a great start.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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Shredded Wheat is not healthy; it will turn to glucose faster than table sugar in your body, causing a spike in insulin to disrupt your hormones and metabolism. There are much healthier sources of fibre that actually provide the vitamins we need, starting with non-starchy vegetables.


Thanks for this information.

It's frustrating sometimes as most places (including NHS site) show something like Shredded Wheat as a good high fibre choice.

I have just one serving of shredded wheat left so it's a good time to change.

Went with fat free Greek yogurt, strawberries and almonds for brekkie this morning as most places seem to suggest high protein breakfasts.


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