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Hi guys I'm a 42 yr old mum of 2 who works for the nhs in London. I work 40 hrs pw in a hospital and by the time I get home I'm totally shattered to do anything let alone cook. I'm trying to lose weight but it don't seem to shift. I have porridge for breakfast, drink about 2 litres of water a day have a Lo cal sandwich for lunch and maybe egg on toast for tea. Still no luck. I walk 3-4 miles per day. Any ideas, thanks


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  • Hi Crenapolada1,

    Welcome to the NhS weight loss forum. You do sound very busy, and I'd like to commend you for achieving all those things, but I can hear that you're struggling with the weight loss side of things. Hopefully this forum will be helpful to you. I'd recommend having a look at the NHS 12 week plan, and maybe as a starting point you might like to look at our Welcome Newbie post - see the Pinned posts on the right-hand-side of the forum (or maybe at the bottom if you access via a phone) - and have a read (when you have some time).

    Maybe join our Monday group weigh-in sessions, if you like the idea of a weekly weigh-in - the next one will be 5th September, and it's a supportive and friendly group. You can see the latest thread in the Events section.

    Anyway, have a great weekend and a really good week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hello crenapolada1,

    That sounds like an exhausting schedule! I don't know your starting weight and how much you need to lose, but from what you have said I think you might not be eating enough! A sandwich for lunch and egg on toast for tea sounds like very little to me. Are you following the nhs 12 week plan? I have been on here just a few weeks, I am 52 now, but have dieted successfully when I was in my thirties. I am not religiously following the plan BUT it does have a link to the nhs website where you can find out your bmi and the calorific range recommended for you to lose weight. Although the nhs diet plan recommends 1,400 cals for weight loss, it could be that you can eat quite a bit more than this depending on your bmi. Eating too little can be counter productive, as your metabolism goes into emergency fasting mode and slows right down. There are other posts relating to this on the forum, I will try to post a link for you.

    Wishing you all the best


  • Hi crenapolada

    My goodness you do have a hard job .

    The only things can suggest is that you weigh everything and count your calories ,

    maybe to much bread is not a good thing , I know when my hubby eats to much bread it does not help him , try having some home made soup that you can make in the slow cooker if you have one and take that to work instead of sandwiches ,and a salad in the evening .i can understand you don't want to cook when you get home you must be exhausted .

    Every one here is so nice and helpful , you are bound to get lots of advice from them all .

    Good luck

    Pam x

  • Hi and welcome Crenapolada :)

    I don't think you have any problem with the exercise side and I agree entirely with Ruby8. I think this is the link she was looking for :)

    All the best! :)

  • lol, we posted at the same time moreless!

  • Great minds! :D

  • Here is the thread I was thinking of, please take a look it might help, or be 'food for thought':

    I have relaxed from 1,400 to 1,600 cals a day or thereabouts and this week I lost several lbs!

  • Hi guys thank you for your advice. I have a bmi of 40, which I know is not Gd thus the need for weight loss. I have a quick lunch as I only get half an hr from morning clinics to afternoon clinics. I think you may be right pam as to too much bread. I will look st the thread you send and take note. Thank you all for your advice,

    Crena 😀

  • My BMI is 40 too, so you are not alone! Once you get into things you will find solutions that work for you and fit into your life, this is what I am finding. The nhs plan and this forum are an enormous help. Good luck and enjoy the journey! :-)

  • Good luck crenapolada

    try crackers with ham and tomatoes but look at the calories in the crackers as they varey so much , I have now found crackers that are 20 calories each which is brilliant and mt ham is 23 calories a slice so with a few tomatoes it is a quick lunch and I know exactly how many calories I am eating .

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend ,you sure deserve it in your job ,

    Happy weekend

    Pam x

  • Hi, I agree with the others, you may not be eating enough of the right things. If you have a little time in the mornings, a slow cooker could be your answer to a nutritious meal when you get home from your hectic job. Throw everything in it in the morning, hey presto lovely meal when you get home and you can incorporate lots of veg .

  • Heya, not much to add really- just agree with others that maybe you need to eat more calories and more veg. Maybe add some healthy fats like avocado and nuts, and munch on celery with almond butter or cream cheese, or carrot sticks with hummus. Healthy snacking may boost your energy levels too hopefully. 🙂

    Would it be possible every weekend to make a big pot of hearty soup and freeze in portions for when your too tired?


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