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Still losing a bit!!

Well, nice surprise weigh-in this morning - another 2lbs gone! I've now lost 1lb short of a stone in 52 days and I'm really pleased! :-)

My weight normally varies between 12st 12lbs and 14st and when I'm making a real effort I always get close to my target - 12st 9lbs.

Onward we go!! Going to Spain for a week in several days so the diet will get a bit of a hammering but I'll not 'go crazy' and try to keep to healthy food options and daily walks so as not to put on too many pounds!!

Good luck to all the rest out there fighting hard to get control of your weight; it's definitely not easy BUT it's not that hard either once your REALLY make up your mind to stick with it.

All the best,


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Well done! Enjoy your holiday! :-)

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Will do, Ruby8 - looking forward to it now after making some progress on the weight/fitness front! :-)


Hi Dambo,

Wow, that's a nice result - Congratulations on losing 2 pounds. You're making great progress.

Have a wonderful holiday in Spain.

Lowcal :-)

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Cheers, Lowcal - pleased, contented and can't wait to get to sunnier climes!

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