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advice please

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I know that everyone is different, and what works for one, may not work for the next person....but what is the most effective way to lose weight? Just been looking at the Cambridge diet and have run screaming from it. I have tried weight watchers, slimming world, no sugar. All good plans, but unsustainable. My plan of attack is to calorie track the days meals and snacks and to eat as healthily as possible with occasional treats. Also 45mins of exercise daily. I'm interested to see if this is along the same lines as fellow dieters on here who have been successful, and if they could impart any secrets /tips, I would be grateful! Many thanks

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Do you count carbs. at each meal and snack? Any person needs to eat some carbs. or their bodies and brain can't funtion correctly.

Hi. Started my weight loss journey 4 weeks ago-starting it is the hardest part. There is no secret really, or fad diet - you simply have to eat less (inc less processed food) and move more. But it isn't that simple when motivation is difficult. A lot of 'celebrity' diets are quick fixes that don't last - look at their weight yo yo pics in the glossies! It's changing for a healthy life that works. learn what foods are good, OK and bad and find some motivation to stick to it - mine was an horrific photo o me on my mountain bike! I find this site really helpful and reading about like minded people with the same problems. When it comes to weight loss and sticking to it my husband always says 'if you look for an excuse you'll find one' and I think that's true with so many things-weight loss included. Xx

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I'm on week 6 of the NHS Choices plan. It's basically what you just said. I count calories and try to stay around 1400 a day. I eat lots of fruit and veg, and basically try to keep carbs, protein, etc in balance. I try to do at least 45 mins of exercise a day. So far, I've lost a stone in 6 weeks but it has slowed down a bit now and I'm losing a couple of pounds a week. Good luck with the weight loss.

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Hi M7salltheway,

On the NHS Choices website there is this review of diets, if that's helpful:

I think the NHS 12 week plan is really good. I've tried various other diets in the past, and I'm sticking with the NHS 12 week plan as a healthy way to lose weight - but that's my personal opinion, based on my own experiences.

Lowcal :-)

If you have not already seen it download the myfitnesspal app. It's a brilliant calorie counter but with more to it.

You can scan the barcodes on foods but most are already in its database, also input your own recipes and portion them. I've lost three stone eight since Feb 15 and am still happily and slowly loosing. Pick your own speed to lose in the settings.

You get to input all your details and how much and how fast you want to lose. Everything is worked out for you. I started on a very easy to stick to 1840 cals a day and did great on that and have now reduced to 1540.

There is a paid version but I'm doing fine on the free one, this fabulous thing has cost me nothing.


That sounds like the most effective way to me 😊 Not a short term temporary 'diet' but a permanent way of eating that suits you and your lifestyle 😊

Good luck 😊

I decided to start losing weight in June.

I reduced my portions but didn't follow any diet or calories counting. I used smaller plates.

I lost 8 pounds this way. Not extraordinary but on the way down after 2 months.

At the start of August I decided to use a weight tracker app and my fitness pal.

I lost 8 pounds in August. I don't do massive changes in my diet suddenly.

I reduce the portions to keep within the allocated calories. I slowly reduced the sugar in my coffee and now to my surprise I can drink it black sugar free.

I allow myself 2 packs of crisps a day and extra food and drinks on Saturday.

I save calories during the week to allow that cheat day.

Each person is different and following a specific diet is not for everyone.

You need to find something that work for you longterm.

At the moment I start feeling more hungry so I think I will increase my calories intake but keeping a deficit.

I will lose more slowly this way but it will avoid me to start eating all kind of junk because I am starving.

Try to have meals that you like respecting a reasonable calories deficit and it should work.

Good luck!

Change is never easy. Some may think Atkins is better because they get to eat bacon, meat and cheese but after a couple of weeks you'll feel like giving up same goes for hclf or any other diet. Find what works for you and stick to it! I have never worn shorts since i was 13 and I'm now 21 yesterday i tried a pair of shorts on and they looked great. Is sugar, white bread, fish and chips worth missing out on the finer things in life? No. I would rather eat aubergines and be able to wear a bikini, have pictures taken of me that i will actually keep and not cry over later than eat a burger and skip holidays. My advice. Add fibre and real food to your diet.

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love your post, very inspiring πŸ’

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mseuphemia 😊 Lovely story 😊 You need to post it in the new success stories thread 😊

Definitely the 12 week plan worked for me. See the welcome newbies pinned post to the right and have a look. Start with the BMI calculator to get your recommended calorie intake then spend some time planning your meals & snacks. Good luck

hi, my daughter has asked me to cut out bread completely and eat potatoes try anything once...i would also say the older you the harder it is to shift but you can only try right? so if the goal hasn't yet been reached, only you can get there by any means, right? so will yourself to keep going, thats my advice :)

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