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3 stone to get rid of!

Hi people.

I have 3 stone to lose, cannot find a starting place and am getting a right old misery!

I can't walk more than 15 mons a day, possible cfs or fibro, but used to be fit and active. Doc says I'm fine tho.....

Anyway, that lot plus menopause means my usual methods are doing no good. Slimming world was my thing last time I put weight on but either i have physically changed or my mental state just keeps me at the bottom.

Any hints and tips gratefully received.

Good luck and good health to you all.


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Feel the same here . I know 3 stone seems a lot but break it done to maybe half a stone at a time don't pressure yourself and take one day at a time . I too have 3 plus stone to lose but going to try and plan my food for the week and build in some exercise. Good luck x


Hiya Biscuit51, I know it sounds daunting but you have taken the first step by joining us on here. I had 3st. 10lbs, when I started, I have lost 12lbs so far, and it has taken me from May to get this far. I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, cholesterol. I've had ops on my feet which cause lots of pain, I could go on. All I can tell you is that I do know once the weight starts to come off bit by bit you will begin to feel better. Read all the info on here and the posts and decide if calorie counting could work for you. As they say, baby steps, and good luck to you xx


Hi and welcome Biscuit :)

Take a look at the Pinned Posts section, to the right of your screen (bottom, if you're using a mobile) and have a look at the Welcome Newbies thread, it has a link to the NHS 12 week plan, which is a guide to healthy living, rather that a specific diet plan.

Look at the Topics section beneath that, for posts that could answer any questions you may have.

Consider joining any, or all, of our challenges, as they're fun and motivating.

Join us for the monday group weigh-in. If you follow Zest and myself , you'll be notified when we post the threads. However, the latest thread can always be found in the events section, to the right of the home page (bottom if you're using a mobile).

Be active on the forum, as that's where we exchange ideas and get our daily dose of motivation and inspiration :)

Wishing you all the very best :)

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Hello Biscuit51.

When it comes to finding a starting point, the best place to begin is to calculate BMR (using those that employ the Miflin St. Jeor method) and TDEE, allowing you to understand, based upon current measurements (age/weight/height), how many calories are needed to ensure that metabolism continues to fire (BMR) and how many calories are required to satisfy energy daily requirements, based upon level of activity (TDEE).

Having obtained both, aim to introduce a daily calorie deficit from your TDEE, ensuring that the deficit introduced doesn’t take you below your BMR. Once you know your numbers, it’s far easier to achieve weight loss successfully and sustainably.

Bear in mind that as weight is lost, you’ll need to re-evaluate BMR, thus, reducing your risk of the dreaded plateau.

As the body begins to weigh less, it’ll require fewer calories to satisfy basal metabolic rate, so the necessary adjustments will need to be made.

Don’t worry so much about TDEE, since the excess calories (stored within existing body fat) will be utilised to fuel your daily endeavour.

However, the greater the level of daily activity, the more calories you’ll burn throughout the week, leading to a larger smile upon the face when stepping on the scales.

Again, since you suffer from cfs, in the initial interim, don’t allow yourself to become stressed over having to suddenly increase activity level. As you lose weight, in addition to eating healthier, you should find that energy levels begin to improve.

As for diet, by ensuring that consumption of lean protein (white meat, eggs and unflavoured whey powder) constitutes 35-40% of daily intake (to maintain existing muscle mass), in addition to reducing consumption of simple/refined carbohydrates in favour of complex alternatives (beans, pulses and veg), you’ll be reducing the rate at which insulin is secreted into the bloodstream, further assisting your weight loss. As for consumption of fat, ensure it’s obtained from oil, seeds, fish and nuts.

As such, work upon a respective 40/35/25% split between consumption of protein, carbohydrate and fat, taking into consideration that protein and carbohydrate each contain 4Kcal per gram and that fat (regardless of whether it’s composition) contains 9Kcal per gram.

Most importantly, begin by introducing changes gradually, so that you don’t overwhelm yourself, Biscuit51. Of those changes, the most important thing you can do is to reduce consumption of refined carbohydrate (cakes/sweets/pastries), since their reduction will ensure that weight is lost.

I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy sweet treats on daily basis (yes, you can still have your cake and eat it, even when attempting to lose weight), but its calorie content needs to be considered when ensuring that BMR continues to be satisfied.

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Wow, what a post! Thank you. I shall read at length and start googling stuff! ! The cfs thing is not diagnosed but I simply can't do anything and everything hurts...shame as although never running fit I walked everywhere and in younger days did bodybuilding. Such an old cabbage these days but acceptance is key here....I ain't 20 no more😊

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Hello Biscuit51 😊 Your post sounds like me last year 😕 You have lots of good advice here but I just want to add that despite all the difficulties you CAN lose weight 😊 It may be more difficult as we get older, and mobility problems exacerbate this, but small steps lead to BIG changes 😊

Good luck and very best wishes 😊


Even though you may no longer be twenty, you'll be surprised at what you're still able to accomplish. Weight loss is very similar to running, in the sense that it's something you can always return to, regardless of age, so all is not lost. I'm not suggesting that you immediately attempt to start running, though.

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Thanks Anna 61. I have been collecting nice high fibre recipes and will get the nerve to weigh my self Monday. Thanks for your encouragement.😊


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