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Yummy smoothie

The other week I bought the latest version on Lidl nutribullet for £30. I am so far very happy with it! This morning I had a yummy smoothie with mainly fruits (banana, frozen berries, kiwi fruit, nut butter and also some frozen spinach). My 3 year old daughter had some too which makes me feel very good. Spinach first thing in the morning!

Good luck wither day!

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Good for you Dgaidge, at least you are using yours (putting spinach in, great idea) and your daughter will, I'm sure, benefit from it too. I bought one a month ago, and haven't even looked at it since! I didn't get it to make smoothies, rather to chop up stuff for stews so it will be used more in the colder weather 😄

Onwards and downwards 😄

Mouse 🐭


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