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Week 3 - this week I aim to...


Hi all! I'm a tad late posting this weeks aim - we had a busy weekend. Hiw did people get on with their aims last week?

Last week I aimed to set a meal plan and stick to it, and it was a mixed result. I forgot to defrost some meat one night. I did well and improvised something healthy, but it meant I used up ingredients I needed for our Friday night, and instead of calling in to the supermarket, OH dragged me out for a 3 course dinner instead *looks sheepish*. I think I will try this one again, but as we're away for a long weekend, this week is not that week!

This week my OH is groomsman at a wedding, and we are away for 5 days for the couple's big day. I am pretty awful at over-indulging when i eat out (it's normally rare), so this week I aim to....

... make healthier meal choices for every meal I have control over.

What do you guys aim to do this week?

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CockneyblueRestart August 2019

Oh dear, never mind you'll do ok. Good luck for next week have a great wedding 👍👍

Smiley68Working at it

My pledge was successful last week re water intake had planned on no alcohol but sunday this went pearshaped.I did drink water in bewteen drinks though .This week same pledge and as I snack really bad in the evening going to make some jelly and snack on that or have some coconut water re sweetness.Good luck with your pledge C x

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