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I signed up this evening for the NHS 12 week weight loss programme. I weigh 77 kilos and need to lose 15 kilos to get down to a healthy BMI. I have tried numerous diets in the past, only to pile the weight back on again. I am sick of strict diets and want to lose weight the healthy way- by following a plan that is doable and one I can follow for life. I tend to be a comfort eater. I eat for comfort, pile the weight on, feel depressed, comfort eat because I am depressed, gain weight and then feel depressed. The cycle repeats itself.

I am posting here because I want to share this journey with others, and find out if anyone else has issues with food like I do. And if people have lost weight on this programme.

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Hi AS1807,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. Great to hear you've signed up for the NHS 12 week plan. Many of us have found success using it, and it is easy to follow. Our Welcome Newbie post is really useful at highlighting the things people have found helpful in the forum, so I'd recommend having a read - it's in the Pinned posts section on the right-hand-side of the homepage.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)



I just joined today as well. I don't think I will follow the NHS programme because calorie counting is not for me. Someone recommended this which I think will work better for me: bhf.org.uk/~/media/files/pu...

I just been on the NHS BMI calculator and it recommends I lose 26kg to be at a healthy BMI, I have never been that thin but I'd like to lose about 20kg.

I have high blood pressure and I have been really bad at doing anything about it, which in turn is stressing me out which is not helping.

Good luck with your journey!


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