Counting calories or not?

hi! I am new here. I was wondering if everyone counts calories? I can be a bit 'all or nothing' when it comes to diet so I am not sure I want to start counting calories as i feel that won't work for me. I was thinking eating less (than I am now) and moving more would be a good start. I do need to get my acts together though as I have high blood pressure. Would love some feedback! x


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  • Hi , I'm like you as far as counting calories go ,so I done exactly what you are thinking of doing so far I have lost a stone although not all since I've been on this forum so I can say that yes that will work , I've been losing about a 1 lb a week with the odd hiccup along the way but I don't think I would of stuck at it if I hadn't found this forum everyone here have been so friendly and supportive that it has really helped me to stick at it .i love to come here and read everyone's posts it really keeps me motivated so I would say to you give it a go I'm sure you will find it the same :) good luck :)

  • I find I need to count the calories or I lose track. I suppose I could just weight out my portions to be sure I'm not having too much, but without the extra incentive to need to figure out the calorie amount I'm not so good at doing that! While I think, for me, that will work when I get to maintaining, I can't get it to work for actually losing the weight.

    But that's just me. You could give it a try and see how you go! I would recommend weighing out what you eat though as otherwise it's very easy to overeat. :)

  • First of all welcome, you are definitely in the right place for support and advice. If I were you I would go on the NHS bmi checker so that you know how many calories you should eat for your height, weight and activity level. This will give you an idea of what to count up to if you do decide to calorie count. If not, get a small dinner plate and always load it with veg or salad first. Then add some protein and carbs of your choice. Try to have three meals a day with either no snacks or low calorie ones. Try and exercise as much as you are able to. Hope this helps and stick with it. The NHS 12 week plan is worth signing up to for guidance as well. Good luck. Xx

  • I follow a plan that counts portions but it is still a calorie counted plan ๐Ÿ˜Š Easier to simply add up at the end of the day, and working so far ๐Ÿ˜Š I find now after over a year I can guess portion sizes much more accurately ๐Ÿ˜Š This is the key, I always ate healthily but ate too much.

    Good luck

  • hi, do you mean WW? I followed WW last year when it was still pro points and loved it! I was going with some friends and managed to lose a stone and half without trying too hard. Then all my friends got pregnant and left and I fell off the wagon spectacularly :(

  • I believe the portion counting Anna is talking about is similar to the british heart foundation plan. It breaks food up in to starches, fruit/veg, protein, dairy, fats, and "other" (e.g. crisps, cake). You give yourself an allowance of each per day e.g. 6 starches, 6 fruit/veg, 2 protein, 2 dairy, 2 fats and 1 treat would approximate a 1500 calorie plan.

    Look up the plan on the british heart foundation if you're interested

    Hope this helps a little

  • Yes, it is similar to BHF but also the old original WW , but more generous ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Finding a way of eating less calories that fits in with your lifestyle is important ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I will! That sounds like what I need :)

  • I can't seem to find the food plan you are talking about...

  • That's fab! Loads to read. Just what I need! Thanks a lot

  • Great stuff ๐Ÿ˜Š It really suits me ๐Ÿ˜Š 13 months still on track ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • At the end of the day what is most important is finding a plan that gives you the results you want and that you are comfortable enough with to stick to in the long term. Trust your instinct, if you feel drawn to a particular plan give it a go, if you lose weight, feel healthy, and think you can stick with it in the longer term ok, but if it makes you miserable its not right for you so try something else.

  • I have lost my instinct. There is SO much info out there, I don't know where to turn anymore. I am a sugar addict and I guess that is the main issue with me. I am toying with the idea of going back to WW, even though I found their new system quite restrictive..... or healthier I should say!!

  • You say 'go back' to WW, it sounds like it wasn't right for you so why go back? As a former sugar/chocolate addict there are 2 ways to go, if you are strong willed enough not to eat the whole cake or chocolate bar you could allow yourself limited sugar hits within a calorie counted diet, or you can go cold turkey ... I did the later and after 3 weeks of fighting cravings and avoiding the chocolate aisle in the supermarket I lost the taste for sugar altogether. I haven't had refined sugar or chocolate for 5 months now and will say no to cake simply because I no longer fancy it.

  • Hi I started at the end of april and so far I have lost almost 4 stones with another 2.5 to go. At the beginning I spent an evening looking up calories of fats, proteins, veg and sugars so that I had a rough idea of what ingredients had what calories, and I keep that in mind when I am filling my plate so more veg less carbs and protein. I dont calorie count other than that.

    It is amazing how making small changes can make big differences. I do a lot of exercise now but at the beginning my only aim was to walk more, small steps.

  • I don't personally, just watch what I eat, but will often look how many calories are in certain foodstuffs! Some are SO calorific!

    Good luck on your journey :P

  • I don't lose weight during the weeks where I don't count calories... To me there is no way around it. But you could be different.

  • I count calories - I use My Fitness Pal. When I count them, I lose. When I don't, I gain. It is the only surefire way of losing weight - believe me I have tried everything else - all the slimming clubs, all the fad diets, at the end of the day it boils down to eating less and exercising more so that you have a calorie deficit each day. You need a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day to lose 1lb of fat a week.

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