Fitbit and Heart rate

One thing that I have most definitely noticed a difference in with my weight loss to date is that my resting heart rate has dramatically reduced. When I started in April it was 65-70. As soon as I stood up it would shoot up to 100+. Today my resting heart rat is between 52-56 and when I stand up and move around it goes up to around 80. A decently paced walk brings it up into fat burn over 100. If I can trust this little fitbit then that's a really positive change in such a short time and one that shows I'm getting healthier. Just a wee observation that made me smile. (I'm easily pleased.)



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3 Replies

  • I would say that's a great thing to be pleased about! I'm here more to be healthy all around so I would think any indicator that you're moving in the right direction is to be celebrated.

    Congratulations! :D

  • Its nice when you can see other changes in your health than just the scales. Keep up the good work. The one thing I've noticed in me is that I am quicker at peddling on the exercise bike, now my tummy a little smaller! lol.

    Have a good week.


  • Kenny, that is great, and something to be very proud of. You are obviously exercising well, as that resting heart rate is a really good one. Well done and keep smiling. 🙂

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