Good progress in sustainable health improvements


I'm not near any scales tomorrow so I weighed this morning instead. Down to 12st 2, a pound weight loss. I'm happier about this steady weight loss of a pound a week than the big weight losses at the start of my recent healthy drive. It's much more sustainable and feels more like a genuine improvement in health.

My anti-depressants are now steady at 25 a day without withdrawal so I'm taking a week of 20-25-25-20-25-25-20 before I decide whether I'm ready to go down just to 20s. The withdrawal in the early part of this week was a bit tough so my work suffered. I can't afford to fall behind more at work so I'll need to take the anti-d reduction slow. I've cheered up a lot in the later part of last week, despite lowering the anti-depressant. I went to the theatre, a prom and yesterday Kew gardens. I had a bit of an anxiety attack out on the way home because of crowds in a supermarket when I was very tired but on the whole I'm doing better than usual with being outgoing.

I haven't done any bingeing. I've eaten icecream and chocolate cake socially in modest amounts and apart from that, eaten a good healthy diet. For me, this is much more of an achievement than eating healthily 24-7.

I've been doing a bit more weights rather than just aerobic as this is supposed to be good for anxiety. I've had much more energy than usual that way too.

Thanks for the support on here people!




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  • Glad to hear things are going well 😊😊😊

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