Bored by exercise

I KNOW I should move more, but I find exercise so boring. I was put off at school after being given top marks for effort and D minus for achievement. I thought 'I'm working my hardest and getting nowhere, so why bother?' - teachers weren't so understanding back in the day! I have tried going to clubs - but everyone else goes with their friend and I am on my own, so I get a bit disheartened - even though I try to make friends there. My other half has a very physical job so doesn't feel like going for a walk, or joining a dance class or things like that. My son with whom I used to go to the gym has now left home and I can't afford the gym any more. I am so unmotivated to exercise. I do go for a walk at lunch time and I do try to get on my exercise bike while I watch tv, but I am not thrilled.

These are all excuses, I know, and I know that I will continue to get on my exercise bike and be bored. I am just throwing out a few thoughts and feelings as to why I (and probably a lot of others) procrastinate about doing exercise.

I am also going to take a photo of me and stick it up in my little exercise room! Maybe that will give me an incentive!


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  • Hello ..I can relate to what you are saying and how you feel about exercise.All I would say is maybe give yourself a pledge to go out one or two evenings per week for a short walk..Do you swim if so consider that.As for walking maybe do intervals of faster walking to build up your fitness.Going to the gym believe it or not you do start building relationships but it takes time.Look at the exercise classes hive one a go..We all have to start somewhere..Don't be too hard on yourself it's about taking part and building day by day.Little steps you can do it...And this forum and all the lovely people are by your side.Good Luck.

  • Little bouts are just as good as hour long gym sessions 😊 Find something you like, I love dancing and there are loads of you tube videos, I just put my own music on and try to copy (try!!) the moves 😊 Also I recommend Lesley Sansome Happy Walk 😊 I just do 15/20 minutes every morning 😊 Great start to the day 😊

  • Are there any sports you like? I'm not very sporty myself, but a maybe joining a team would be a good way to get some exercise in. You would meet new people and become part of a team. Playing a game might be more fun (and therefore motivating) than just feeling forced to exercise! :)

    I like Anna61's idea of dancing to YouTube videos. Might have to try that one myself if I can get the house to myself! :D

  • I too am rather on my own with my exercise so I take along my latest audio book on my smart phone and a long walk (or run) goes by very quickly, with someone chatting away to me in my ears. I don't do it when out on my bike as I need to be aware of vehicles behind me etc, but wish I could!

  • Hi I have just started to tune in on my walks - it makes them much more interesting. Just need to work out how to download podcasts next. My Jawbone Up move has really helped to motivate me too. Only spent Β£20 getting it online to see if a gadget would work for me - love it! Just that little reminder to keep moving.

  • I am on my own too when exercising... but I love my run, so cannot say I get bored.

    However exercise is not only PE... I have no idea if it can work or how, but have you ever tried to use technology? Wii could be a revolution ... or pokemon ... (you can punch me if I say this again ;) or whatever you like and puts you in the mood for moving...

    Dancing is a good alternative if you like it (wives love Latin american and could help gaining a partner for the physical activity)

    hope you find your way :) good luck

  • Cheers everybody - will give your suggestions some thought and possibly, (probably) action one or two of them. Just coming on here and hearing all you lovely lot giving support is an incentive in itself!

  • Have you ever tried running? I also find the idea of exercise very unappealing, but I enjoyed the Couch 2 5K programme. I hate the running, but I like the steady measurable progress. You will definitely see some achievement for your effort.

  • Unfortunately, my doctor has forbidden me from running - bad knees following a minor accident, but I do enjoy walking.

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