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Otherside of the bank holiday - re- group

Having had a busy couple of weeks holidaying and a super busy bank holiday - I have gained nearly four pounds.

Thought I would take myself somewhere. Accountable to reverse the upward trend. Aims this week:

Pledge a day

Lose at least two pounds

Pledge for today:

30 mins exercise

Eat within my calorie limit of 1400 calories

:-) #happyendofsummerexcess😁

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I think I might have gained over the weekend too, except for the mowing/cleaning/etc. I got up to on Monday!

I think I will also pledge today to be strict with myself and calculate all the calories I eat today. I've not been very good with working out how many I've been eating lately!

Good luck with your pledges! :)


just checked out dartmoor dumplings post on eat more lose less - interesting??


I have found that fact to be interesting. It just reaffirms the fact that my body seems to have a mind of its own!


Good luck with your pledges, my healthy eating has dipped a bit over the last week too, I've stayed within calories but eaten some less than healthy options! Today I pledge to drink 8 glasses of water and get my 5 a day!


:-) i have rainbow coloured plate for lunch and salad for tea:-)


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