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Stuck in a rut

Hi I'm Sam! I've always struggled with my weight, I managed to lose 3.5 stone and keep it off for 3years but The last 8 months have seen me put back on 2stone. I will be 30 in December and get married next October but I just can't seem to get motivated, I work on my feet, walk my dog twice a day and go to a Hiit class once a week so I'm quite active. I just feel like I'm stuck im a rut that I can't get out of. I would live to hear some of your succes stories that may motivate me to achieve my goals

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Hi miss Cole

I stick to my calories and Wright everything down weigh everything dont guesstimate I never cheat if I need anything sweet I have sugar free jelly

I am unable to exercise so my plan is eat everything that is grown from the ground and off the trees yes you have meat and fish but no processed food at all , it is my 4 th week and I have lost a stone another one to go but I'm sure it will all start slowing down now

Good luck to you love , we are all in the same boat

Have a good week

Pam x

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I too used to be quite active, even when 3 stone heavier, I thought it would be virtually impossible to lose weight, but I did…

It is more about what you eat and drink than the exercise, well it is for me. I have lost 3 stone this year, have changed shopping/cooking/eating habits, some are just small changes. I cook from scratch mainly, incorporate veg as much as possible, eat fruit as snacks, I don’t eat much processed food now other than high fibre carbohydrates as they keep you fuller for longer, I have lean protein - chicken, fish, 5% fat beef mince, eggs etc, also far more pulses than I used to, drained tinned beans of all sorts get put in salads, soups, stir fries etc as they are also a good source of protein, it is all about eating things that fill you up for an overall lower calorie amount. Discovered high protein low fat yoghurt which is a nice and use it with fruit, high fibre cereal for breakfast, I like Ryvita and have that with low cal toppings for snacks in the evenings. I avoid the obviously calorie laden stuff like cakes, chocs, biscuits, crisps, or have in small quantities. I have the odd glass of wine at weekends, but have cut down on alcohol during the week, alcohol does make you more hungry. Hubby has lost stones too, all good!

I’ve maintained my weight for a few months now, still finding my way and have the occasionally blip, but that is life and as long as you have a new ‘normal’ of healthy eating in general it evens out. I intend keeping to this new lifestyle forever, well that is the plan!!!

You have done it before, so sure you can be successful again, wishing you very good luck!

This forum is really helpful, lots of good info and friendly contributors that are supportive :)


So I thought I'd update you on how I'm going, I weighed in last Tuesday at 13stone 5. I have been back using my fitness pal, I weighed in today as I'm using a friends scales and won't see her tomorrow. I've lost 5lb 😊😊 this is defiantly the kick start I needed


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Well done Sam, five pounds off, that's a really good start. Keep up the good work 👍😃 Myfitnesspal is so handy, a lot of us on here use it.

Onwards and downwards

Mouse 🐭

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